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okay /b/, give me your best

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You sexy motherfucker OP

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weird/shameful sexual experience thread.

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File 1397709121925.jpg

Why not

>be me in college, 20 years old
>taking a blow off class with lots of goth/hipster faggots
>one girl constantly raising hand and asking questions to everything teacher says
>she's a 6/10 at best, annoying
>get partnered with her of course in a group project
>of course she takes a liking to me because I'm not dismissing her like others
>we get to know each other, exchange numbers etc.
>she blows my phone up with texts and I try modestly reply to not lead her on
>one day forgot wallet for lunch
>she says "come to my house anon, I live near and we can smoke too"
>think this is harmless and wouldn't mind a meal and get stoned
>say sure and we hop in her car and go to her house
>house is small as fuck, her and her mother only
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File 1397710038269.jpg


>femanon says "let's make sandwiches"
>femanon proceed s to give me 2 pieces of bread with only 1,slice of ham on it.
>femanon then says "let's smoke and watch a movie"
>again think why not I don't wanna be rude
>watch queen of the damned with her mom
>at this point I'm in pain because of this shitty movie and nearly fall asleep
>her mom says "I'll give you two some time alone"
Fuck. Jpg

>stay a few more hours and we end up drinking and smoking
>she gets wasted so she can't drive
>convinces me of staying the night
>sleep in her tiny ass room on a blow up mattress that's for children
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File 1396666556310.jpg

>level of education
>Are you happy?

Please get in here anons

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Management in Retail Marketing.
Barely made it out of high school.
Only $35k/yr =(

I do more work and higher quality than my peers. I should be making more. I could easily move to another company and make more, but it's easy to move up here. I work in our corporate office now which is cool and I get to work with some great people, but I've been stuck traveling a lot lately.

At the moment, I'm pretty unhappy. Just found out I won't be home for another week, getting sent somewhere else, and I'm supposed to close on a house next week. White people problems.

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I work for a general contractor on small resident jobs
>level of education
Currently attending college
>Are you happy?

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File 1395782648812.jpg

>tfw you will never be in a lesbian relationship with Ellen Page

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She ain't sexy at all breh.
Not even cute or pretty
Looks like a boy to be honest
No hips, small tits, boyish face.
you gay mayne

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>tfw you will never be in a relationship

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File 1394694235040.jpg

most glorious headphone thread.

post yours and why you love them/what could be improved

>ath ad500x from audiotechnica

pros: lightweight, good sound, comfy as hell
cons: hate the cable

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Awesome headphones, OP. 
Own a pair of Audiotechnica M50's and Sennheiser 449's, myself. Nothing expensive, but they satisfy.

Pros: Great deep sounds, good sound stage. 
Cons: Heavy, gets a little uncomfortable after long use, Tight.

Pros: Light, gets those really high pitches, portable and light cable.
Cons: Feels kind of cheap, not as much bass/deep sounds like I get with the M50's at normal volume levels.

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audio technica master race reporting in

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File 1386271899921.jpg

What would happen if a sun made of ice would collide with the normal sun, which is made of lava? Both suns are same size, and the sun made of ice is at -1000 Celsius, and the normal sun is at +1000 Celsius.

Would their temperatures cancel each other and leave only empty space, or would they leave a zero degree sun?

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Icy what you did there

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File 1386272470165.png

a body of ice that size would collapse in on itself and start nuclear fusion due to its gravity making a real sun,
a sun made of 'lava' has the same fate due to nuclear fusion.
also -1000 degrees is impossible

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You are an idiot - for one, nothing can be -1000 degrees, as absolute zero is -273 celsius. For another, the sun is not made of molten lava, but of plasma.
But let's assume you have enough intelligence to read, I'll tell you that if a body the same size as the sun at absolute zero were to collide with the sun, there would be an enormous fusion reaction, called a supernova, destroying everything within a half a light year.

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File 1384503025918.gif

ITT: guys asking girls questions, girls answer
girls asking guys questions, guys answer,

continuing the thread from earlier

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This is how i fuck my very little sister.

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Why are you worried about coming off "desperate?" If I were you I'd be more worried as coming off "afraid to make a move." Also you think the next thing you should do is "tease" her? What are you, five? Ask her to hang out. Be direct.

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sexy butt

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File 1385973170232.jpg

Ask a young girl anything

>pic related its me

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I dont have tits yet :(

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trolled XD

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you have pubic hairs?

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File 1388627635091.jpg

ever had sex with a barbie /b/

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File 1388628035960.jpg

Not Barbie, but similar dolls

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I think you might have trouble getting it in there

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File 1303941941584.jpg

A bigger doll works fine.

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File 1364605047210.jpg

If you could press a button and remove one behaviour from human beings, what would that behaviour be?

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is living a behavior?

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Antipathy or contempt towards one's own kind.
>no more white guilt
>societies function better
>people ACTUALLY start loving each other
>less corruption

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one behaviour to remove is the Hunger for Authority. ~!~ Just Do It. ~!~ LIVE Life !

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