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File 1384325015240.jpg

The pyramids. The human race's greatest achievement? Not a conspiracy thread, btw. I'm just asking if they're the greatest thing the human race has created thus far.

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File 1384329325678.png

actually guys......we didnt build the pyramids

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Why would they be the the ultimate accomplishment? Not the biggest building. No where near the Suez canal let alone the Panama canal. Not the biggest nor the best, making things in a pyramid is the easiest foem of building. SO no not mans greatest achievement .

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File Replica-of-first-transistor.jpg

Relative to what?

Given the fairly high quality of construction, it is quite possible that the Pyramids are the greatest achievement relative to all other achievements at a relative technological scale. Technically the Great Wall may have been physically larger and more difficult but the quality of both the stonework and the effectiveness was a mess.

The next truly spectacular architectural achievement was probably the Roman Colosseum. One of the most technologically advanced structures ever created relative to it's own technological era. Could hold thousands of spectators, be filled with water deep enough to showcase naval battles, had a self contained sewer and sanitation system, and structurally sound enough that most of it still stands today. In fact, most Roman architecture was highly advanced. There are still Roman-built roads in use today with minimal upgrading.

The greatest single invention mankind has ever made, however, is the transistor.

Never mind the space station, the nuclear reactor, the Curiosity Mars rover. Apollo 11 , all of it.

The transistor is directly responsible for nearly every major advance made in the last century since it's invention. Radios. Computers. Widespread access to lighting, shelter, education, communication, food and goods, transportation, and much more. The transistor has directly advanced us as a species probably more than any other technology since we learned to create fire.

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File 1385165112683.jpg

Ok,serious question, how can I make around 150k ? better if fast.. legal or of course illegal ways,what illegal way would be safest/best ?

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is that what they call an oxymoron

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Blowjobs on the corner for a quarter a pop then find you a pimp to beat your ass when you don't perform up to snuff.

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Is there a street corner near you? Are there old men passing by who would like a little boy sucking their dicks?. Do you have a mouth?

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File 1396666556310.jpg

>level of education
>Are you happy?

Please get in here anons

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I work for a general contractor on small resident jobs
>level of education
Currently attending college
>Are you happy?

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Fuck college it's all about who you know not what know, im a high school dropout and I order around bankrupt debt ridden nerds that seeked higher education for 6 years

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^It's 'sought'. They 'sought' higher education...it's clear you did not partake

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File 1386271899921.jpg

What would happen if a sun made of ice would collide with the normal sun, which is made of lava? Both suns are same size, and the sun made of ice is at -1000 Celsius, and the normal sun is at +1000 Celsius.

Would their temperatures cancel each other and leave only empty space, or would they leave a zero degree sun?

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1. There can be no sun made of Ice.
2. -1000 celsius does not exist. -273,15 degrees is absolute zero. '
So your question cannot be a real Idea. So you are just a shit poster,

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Depends on whether you are an idiot or just a troll shit posting. If you are a troll shit posting then you will blowup when the suns collide(at least we hope so) If you are a retard that believes a sun can be made of ice hen you would be in a kindergarten class. so it wouldn't matter.

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1. There can be no sun made of Ice.
2. -1000 celsius does not exist. -273,15 degrees is absolute zero. '
So your question cannot be a real Idea. So you are just a shit poster,

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File 1384988771857.png

>older sister called me
>"anon, my computer is broken. Come over to fix it..."
>went over the next day (today)
>she's still at work
>got my own key to her apartment
>found a buttload of useless shareware, freeware and searchbars
>get rid of them, deleted system32...you know, the usual
>computer fixed - sis still not home
>"let's see what the browser history has to say"
>chin hitting the ground, breaking the floor in that process
>found a tons of wincest porn!
>hentai, video, stories...you name it!
>every bit I found was exclusively brother-sister wincest!
>came buckets
>went home
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Will get drunk with her next time...

I have a lot of wincest porn, too and I would take a shoot.

I think I could work it!

But admitting that I was spying on her?

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File 1384990755247.jpg

of course anyone with a hot sister wants to fuck her. just most people dont admit it to themselves

i have a whole pic/vid folder of chicks who look like my sister and fap to it vigorously

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What doe your sister look like?

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File 1384980133538.jpg

So, /b/. What do you think about aliens? I don't mean Ricardo from Puerto Rico. I mean extraterrestrials. Answer me this:

>Do you think they exist?
>Do you think they have visited Earth?
>Do you believe the videos you see on YouTube?
>Does NASA or the Government know something we don't?
>Do you think everyone who thinks the Government is hiding shit from us is a tin-foil hat wearer?
>Why do you think they do or do not exist?

Any more information/links to shit are of course welcome. And please, if you post something that's crazy proof or something else, please use a Proxy or twelve. If the thread 404's, there is something that was posted whether it was information or a video, some shit is getting real.

I advise you to take screenshots of this thread, if things become heated or increasingly "interesting".

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In answer to your questions, all I can say is what I say to people who insist god exists. I'm sorry but I see no evidence of that.

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And your evidence for this

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1. yes.
2. no
3. are you serious? nobody believes that stuff
4. The government knowing something. Now that is funny
5. Tin foil hat? no just a stupid fuck
6. Wouldn't they be seen by real people by now if they existed?

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File 1388627635091.jpg

ever had sex with a barbie /b/

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I think you might have trouble getting it in there

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File 1303941941584.jpg

A bigger doll works fine.

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Used to tie those bitches up. and splash their faces.

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File 1397706962423.jpg

weird/shameful sexual experience thread.

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File 1397709121925.jpg

Why not

>be me in college, 20 years old
>taking a blow off class with lots of goth/hipster faggots
>one girl constantly raising hand and asking questions to everything teacher says
>she's a 6/10 at best, annoying
>get partnered with her of course in a group project
>of course she takes a liking to me because I'm not dismissing her like others
>we get to know each other, exchange numbers etc.
>she blows my phone up with texts and I try modestly reply to not lead her on
>one day forgot wallet for lunch
>she says "come to my house anon, I live near and we can smoke too"
>think this is harmless and wouldn't mind a meal and get stoned
>say sure and we hop in her car and go to her house
>house is small as fuck, her and her mother only
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File 1397710038269.jpg


>femanon says "let's make sandwiches"
>femanon proceed s to give me 2 pieces of bread with only 1,slice of ham on it.
>femanon then says "let's smoke and watch a movie"
>again think why not I don't wanna be rude
>watch queen of the damned with her mom
>at this point I'm in pain because of this shitty movie and nearly fall asleep
>her mom says "I'll give you two some time alone"
Fuck. Jpg

>stay a few more hours and we end up drinking and smoking
>she gets wasted so she can't drive
>convinces me of staying the night
>sleep in her tiny ass room on a blow up mattress that's for children
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>I did your Mom weird and shameful

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File 1399102725697.jpg

Anybody who's ever tried heroin, whats it like (preferably in comparison to weed)

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No comparison, it's a different world entirely. I've only smoked black tar. Never injected. Best to stay away from heroin. It's too good. Definitely makes you want more.

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Was on like 12 different pills growing up and heroin was what ruined my life. Im 2 yrs clean now... whats i like compared to weed? Well if weed made you cum in your pants and make all your problems dissolve and you woke up the next morning and consider mabe suckin off an old gay friend for an oxy he gets from his back problems cause you rannoutta monry and heroin. Its exactly lime weed than.

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Do you know how you get real stupid when you do weed? It is alot like that except you are really stupid to do heroin.

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File 1383548715430.jpg

Why do you guys enjoy ruining girls lives when they post nudes or when someone posts nudes of them?

Does it make you feel better because you could never get a woman? Or does it maybe get you off sexually? Please post your reasoning

inb4, whiteknight

miru because she's just so darn cute

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I like taking and sending nudes myself (I'm a guy) to the one I'm dating. It's fun and something different. If people wouldn't get so uppity about nudity, it wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately it probably won't change and the masses will just continue to be the sheep they are.

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File !!!!!!!BACON-COUPONZ!!!!!!!.png

1] yes - simply because this is /b/ and that is what happens here

2] not applicable - digital internet romances are cheaper than fuck books and waaaay cheaper than humans

3] so sad because she is one of thousands of elderly teen idols who believed they could make a career out of being cute

4] bacon coupons to make EVERYTHING better (even if you're hasbbara you can rub it on yourself and dream of being one of us)

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Women are evil and must be destroyed

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