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What would happen if a sun made of ice would collide with the normal sun, which is made of lava? Both suns are same size, and the sun made of ice is at -1000 Celsius, and the normal sun is at +1000 Celsius.

Would their temperatures cancel each other and leave only empty space, or would they leave a zero degree sun?

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You can't have -1000°C.
The absolute coldest is -273°C which is called Absolute Zero.

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Does this Scenario take into Account the Solid State Sun Theory?

In that Case - the Ice would merely fracture and Vaporize with Little or No Effect on the Calcium Ferrite Core
(other than to briefly Blow Out the Neon Plasma Layer that Provides the Lighting Effects for Our Little Corner of Paradise)

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File frabz-This-is-stupid-I-wanna-talk-about-vaginas-fb.jpg

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File 1395782648812.jpg

>tfw you will never be in a lesbian relationship with Ellen Page

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She ain't sexy at all breh.
Not even cute or pretty
Looks like a boy to be honest
No hips, small tits, boyish face.
you gay mayne

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>tfw you will never be in a relationship

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File 15542572_332468.jpg

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okay /b/, give me your best

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very cute dog :)

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corgis are amazing

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Corgis are amazing!

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File SG1S16756926.jpg


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Ask a young girl anything

>pic related its me

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File Faggot_Showing_No_Titz_WTF.png

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a BJ given by a JB? I want it

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Why do you guys enjoy ruining girls lives when they post nudes or when someone posts nudes of them?

Does it make you feel better because you could never get a woman? Or does it maybe get you off sexually? Please post your reasoning

inb4, whiteknight

miru because she's just so darn cute

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Think of it this way. I hate people. Lots of people. If you meet me, I hate you by default unless you make me like you. So I enjoy the suffering of others. However, what would happen if a guy was outed with nudes? Not much right? But a set of nudes from a girl that are shown to her close friends and family causes everyone to brand her as a slut. So really, it has nothing to do with the fact that it's a girl. I don't get off it sexually. I could have a girlfriend if I really tried. It's a way of feeling like all the snobbish people and people who put me down sometimes get what they deserve.

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I like taking and sending nudes myself (I'm a guy) to the one I'm dating. It's fun and something different. If people wouldn't get so uppity about nudity, it wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately it probably won't change and the masses will just continue to be the sheep they are.

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File !!!!!!!BACON-COUPONZ!!!!!!!.png

1] yes - simply because this is /b/ and that is what happens here

2] not applicable - digital internet romances are cheaper than fuck books and waaaay cheaper than humans

3] so sad because she is one of thousands of elderly teen idols who believed they could make a career out of being cute

4] bacon coupons to make EVERYTHING better (even if you're hasbbara you can rub it on yourself and dream of being one of us)

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File freaquent flier.jpg


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>level of education
>Are you happy?

Please get in here anons

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Management in Retail Marketing.
Barely made it out of high school.
Only $35k/yr =(

I do more work and higher quality than my peers. I should be making more. I could easily move to another company and make more, but it's easy to move up here. I work in our corporate office now which is cool and I get to work with some great people, but I've been stuck traveling a lot lately.

At the moment, I'm pretty unhappy. Just found out I won't be home for another week, getting sent somewhere else, and I'm supposed to close on a house next week. White people problems.

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I work for a general contractor on small resident jobs
>level of education
Currently attending college
>Are you happy?

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Fuck college it's all about who you know not what know, im a high school dropout and I order around bankrupt debt ridden nerds that seeked higher education for 6 years

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File 1384503025918.gif

ITT: guys asking girls questions, girls answer
girls asking guys questions, guys answer,

continuing the thread from earlier

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This is how i fuck my very little sister.

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Why are you worried about coming off "desperate?" If I were you I'd be more worried as coming off "afraid to make a move." Also you think the next thing you should do is "tease" her? What are you, five? Ask her to hang out. Be direct.

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sexy butt

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File 1399183807630.jpg

You rage, you lose

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