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Ask a young girl anything

>pic related its me

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Your pussy is shaved?

--- You like anal sex?

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would you like to sit on my tongue?? :P

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there is too much gayness in your brain
may the suicide your next big thing

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File 1399102725697.jpg

Anybody who's ever tried heroin, whats it like (preferably in comparison to weed)

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Was on like 12 different pills growing up and heroin was what ruined my life. Im 2 yrs clean now... whats i like compared to weed? Well if weed made you cum in your pants and make all your problems dissolve and you woke up the next morning and consider mabe suckin off an old gay friend for an oxy he gets from his back problems cause you rannoutta monry and heroin. Its exactly lime weed than.

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Do you know how you get real stupid when you do weed? It is alot like that except you are really stupid to do heroin.

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Its nuts bra ive od'd like 15 times. imo heroin sucks iv at least, dilaudid & methamphetamine mix, now that is fucking pleasure........ wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better then a hit of some good ron...

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File 1385165112683.jpg

Ok,serious question, how can I make around 150k ? better if fast.. legal or of course illegal ways,what illegal way would be safest/best ?

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Is there a street corner near you? Are there old men passing by who would like a little boy sucking their dicks?. Do you have a mouth?

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im guessing you're a guy, else you would be selling your body, or image.

one not so risky way is selling good quality well-preserved weed/skank and i dont even mean any special species ppl mention on those documentaries

any random weed will do, like a dozen in your house growed in vases will make you those 150k in a year, without disrupting you regular life

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Steal from houses in construction.
Pro tip, most job sites don't have the windows locked, or the lock box is off by one digit (if four digit combo box).
No one is around to see what happens after 6pm.

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File 029835.jpg

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yes very hot. would bang you both and cum on your face

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File 0506899709.jpg

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i'd fuck mom wile she eats out her daughter 

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File Gatice.gif


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cat thread? cat thread.

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File 1384325015240.jpg

The pyramids. The human race's greatest achievement? Not a conspiracy thread, btw. I'm just asking if they're the greatest thing the human race has created thus far.

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Why would they be the the ultimate accomplishment? Not the biggest building. No where near the Suez canal let alone the Panama canal. Not the biggest nor the best, making things in a pyramid is the easiest foem of building. SO no not mans greatest achievement .

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File Replica-of-first-transistor.jpg

Relative to what?

Given the fairly high quality of construction, it is quite possible that the Pyramids are the greatest achievement relative to all other achievements at a relative technological scale. Technically the Great Wall may have been physically larger and more difficult but the quality of both the stonework and the effectiveness was a mess.

The next truly spectacular architectural achievement was probably the Roman Colosseum. One of the most technologically advanced structures ever created relative to it's own technological era. Could hold thousands of spectators, be filled with water deep enough to showcase naval battles, had a self contained sewer and sanitation system, and structurally sound enough that most of it still stands today. In fact, most Roman architecture was highly advanced. There are still Roman-built roads in use today with minimal upgrading.

The greatest single invention mankind has ever made, however, is the transistor.

Never mind the space station, the nuclear reactor, the Curiosity Mars rover. Apollo 11 , all of it.

The transistor is directly responsible for nearly every major advance made in the last century since it's invention. Radios. Computers. Widespread access to lighting, shelter, education, communication, food and goods, transportation, and much more. The transistor has directly advanced us as a species probably more than any other technology since we learned to create fire.

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File 1396666556310.jpg

>level of education
>Are you happy?

Please get in here anons

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Just quit as a laborer in remodel construction
>level of education
Finishing High school 
Was $11/hr
>Are you happy?
No. The others of the company were paid more. I was doing all of the physical labor, and they were .... no one knows where they were during the day. They weren't on the job sites.

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Is this a dying site?

>> No. 7679 [Report]

I would say it's a small site that it's just starting.

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File 1376420814804.jpg

Lets see that Battle Station /b/

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there's no fucking arm space that's retarded

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>Having one huge monitor
>not having dual screens


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Props on Pulp Fiction but that setup sucks balls.

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File 1423871058216.png

ITT: best of greentext

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File 1423871465346.jpg


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I'm losing my shit
Sides dont even exist in this foreseeable universe anymoar

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bretty good

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File 1423761497563.png

Let's mourn together b/ro

Also lonely valentine's day thread

Let's help each other to pass this sad day and keep us from killing those lovely couples out there!

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>keep us from killing those lovely couples out there
why would we want to stop that?

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Guys, just do what I always do, book lots of tables in lots of restaurants, then jack of thinking about how you pissed off couples that can't get reservations

> try getting a reservation at Dorsia now you fuck

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File 1423763680741.jpg

It's just another Hallmark Holiday.

Major news outlets announced this AM,"The average person spends $142 on Valentine's day, up from $134 last year."

They then go to commercial. Ads: Kay JEWelers, FTD flowers, and some stuffed bear shit. "Spend, or you won't get laid. Buy or you'll be sleeping on the couch."

Don't buy it, anon. They're trying to guilt you into spending a ton of money you don't have. Just like all the other fake holidays. It's a plot. Resist you must.

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