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File 1384503025918.gif

ITT: guys asking girls questions, girls answer
girls asking guys questions, guys answer,

continuing the thread from earlier

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained Ask her out.

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This is how i fuck my very little sister.

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Why are you worried about coming off "desperate?" If I were you I'd be more worried as coming off "afraid to make a move." Also you think the next thing you should do is "tease" her? What are you, five? Ask her to hang out. Be direct.

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sexy butt

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File 1399183807630.jpg

You rage, you lose

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File 1399183865118.png


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File 1399183960828.jpg


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File 1394694235040.jpg

most glorious headphone thread.

post yours and why you love them/what could be improved

>ath ad500x from audiotechnica

pros: lightweight, good sound, comfy as hell
cons: hate the cable

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Awesome headphones, OP. 
Own a pair of Audiotechnica M50's and Sennheiser 449's, myself. Nothing expensive, but they satisfy.

Pros: Great deep sounds, good sound stage. 
Cons: Heavy, gets a little uncomfortable after long use, Tight.

Pros: Light, gets those really high pitches, portable and light cable.
Cons: Feels kind of cheap, not as much bass/deep sounds like I get with the M50's at normal volume levels.

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audio technica master race reporting in

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File 1364605047210.jpg

If you could press a button and remove one behaviour from human beings, what would that behaviour be?

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is living a behavior?

>> No. 6737 [Report]

Antipathy or contempt towards one's own kind.
>no more white guilt
>societies function better
>people ACTUALLY start loving each other
>less corruption

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one behaviour to remove is the Hunger for Authority. ~!~ Just Do It. ~!~ LIVE Life !

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File 1389385464126.jpg

The only good anime series:
>Cowboy Bebop
>Sailor Moon
>Black Lagoon
>Fullmetal Brotherhood
>Sword of the Berzerk

The only good anime movies:
>Cowboy Bebop again
>Ghost in the Shell (possibly the best)
>Princess Mononoke
>(actually throw in all of Miyazki's shit)
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>not knowing Gurren Lagann is the pinacle of god-tier animation


>> No. 7547 [Report]

Evangelion maybe

Samurai Champloo definitely (from the Cowboy Bebop guy)


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File 1389386638162.jpg

/a/ here. You guys have shit taste.

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File 1388823640746.gif

How's your life like right now, /b/?

>20 still live with parents
>not currently taking college classes
>have shitty paying job
>spend most of it on random shit
>have 7/10 gf
>don't know why anyone would date me.

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Fuck you op
just described my life minus the gf... How we gonna step our game up son?

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File 1385163599056.jpg

So, /b/, I need a new anime to watch.

I've just finished watching Guilty Crown, and that shit is seriously underrated. I'm surprised it's more more popular. I'm a newcomer to anime, and I really hate most of the anime community, so I'm asking you guys for decent suggestions.

I've seen Code Geass (best piece of media I've ever seen), Elfen Lied, Monster and Death Note.

>tl;dr what's a good anime?

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File 1385164171277.jpg

naruto. newest episode gave me feels

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File 1385164241260s.jpg

darker than black.
though second season is utter shit.

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Pick something of my list in the high rankings

>> No. 7498 [Report]

>dat pretty decent taste

You should watch some older stuff though, Gunbuster, Gundam, Macross, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are fucking brilliant.

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File 1384984989782.jpg

Name a better death metal album

>protip: you can't

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File 1384987059033.jpg

at least its not blackwater park

but its not the correct choice

pic related is the correct choice

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File 1384987121793.jpg

Bunch of hipster trash. Fuckin dildos.

>> No. 7435 [Report]
File 1384987167716.jpg

There's tons of better death metal dude. Pic related is one of my favorites. Check that shit out dude. It's To the Depths, In Degradation by Infester.

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File 1384987647029.jpg

this is better than anything in this thread

pic related if any elitist bedroom warrior cunts doubt my m3tl cr3d3ntials


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File 1385162849397.jpg

Not seen one in a while so stuff thread here, share your beloved items rare or mundane!

>Pic related.

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File 1385164947259.jpg

Galactic trading cards

>> No. 7485 [Report]

That's pretty cool.

>> No. 7486 [Report]

a girlfriend

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File 1385165940932.jpg

These hot wheels

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File 1385164208364.jpg

Is tor safe again?

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Use Tails. Set scripts to No Scripts.

Be quick, don't spend hours browsing onion sites. The longer you spend on it the more chance various agencies have of identifying you.

If you want to be ultra safe open all downloaded files in an offline VM to avoid potentially having your IP address revealed.

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Javascript exploit was used to compromise privacy of child pornographers who had javascript enabled while visiting a certain onion after the FBI identified the owner of Freedom Hosting from a 5-6 year old forum post he made in his real name and gained access to his servers.

Half of tor went down when Freedom Hosting was shut down and everyone panicked.

>> No. 7477 [Report]

Correction: I'm not sure how they found the Freedom Hosting servers.

It was Silk Road and Dread Pirate Roberts who was found due to a 5-6 year old forum post.

Either way, there is no evidence of tor being compromised unless you use javascript or mix your anonymous and personal identities (ie. emails, forum logins, etc.).

The human element is weak.

>> No. 7478 [Report]

good info, thanks.

The human element is weak indeed, but props to the agent that found the 5yr old post!

I'm on tor right now, and it looks pretty much dead all right..

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File 1384973925739.jpg

Ask a member of Femen anything...

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File 1384975164065.jpg

ifx'd dat

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File 1384975078909.jpg


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File 1384975427798.jpg

You wouldn't dare speak like this to a Femen activist IRL would you?

>> No. 7470 [Report]

'cause I'm dumb as dogshit and I think men are going to give me equality rather tham me having to take it.

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File 1384991996546.jpg

ITT: Unpopular options.

Ex: I think anime is shitty.

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File 1384992121881.png


Anime is an art form just as much as western animation is. If you actually bothered to watch any anime you'd know that. Yeah, there's some shit anime, but there's also shit western cartoons. You can't judge an artform when you know nothing about it. Same goes for your judgements of the culture. It's very clear to me you have never met an otaku, because if you have, you'd know that they're just normal people. Yeah, there's a few people who do take their love of anime way too far, but there's people like that in every fandom. For every moron in a fandom, there's alot of cool people in that same fandom. You're the real moron here. Anime is just another form of storytelling. And the culture isn't made up of fat, jobless neckbeards. Now, kindly go fuck yourself with a cactus.

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Anime is truly for faggots. Sorry to all you fucking weaboos out there who absolutely adore anime, but it is crap. I hate it. It's ugly and it looks shitty and I think that it should have just stayed in Japan where it originated from. What really pisses me off are all you pseudo-intellectuals who think they are better people by watching some poorly animated bullshit. I mean really, the characters don't even MOVE. They just stand around blinking and moving their mouths. The hell kind of cartoon is that? REAL cartoons like Bugs Bunny, etc were entertaining! There was action and movement, instead of some frame-by-frame intellectual nonsense. Anime is just catered to people with nothing to do in their lives; they need comfort in the anime "world". I'd find more entertainment in doing voice overs on my 3 year old daughter's fucking drawings! Anime is turning the men of this nation into hipster faggots with hair covering their eyes. Anime is garbage! I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

>> No. 7459 [Report]
File 1384992221230.jpg

>Anime is truly for faggots
I disagree anime is for everyone gays and normal people alike.

>Sorry to all you fucking weaboos out there who absolutely adore anime, but it is crap
Not all anime is crap, most is though.

>I hate it.
No, you or you wouldn't talk about it

>It's ugly and it looks shitty and I think that it should have just stayed in Japan where it originated from
Anime has the most beautiful in the 21st century and it originated from America and Walt Disney

>What really pisses me off are all you pseudo-intellectuals who think they are better people by watching some poorly animated bullshit.
No. No one here on 4chan is smart.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Black people aren't terrible people. But niggers are a different story...

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File 1384583271936.jpg

Battlestation Thread.
Post em.

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this is a lie

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File 1384585033540.jpg


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File 1384585191023.jpg


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you are a god

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File 1384579928260.jpg

ITT: picture's you'd have trouble explaining to anyone who saw it on your computer.

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File 1384581824193.jpg


>> No. 7421 [Report]

That's my fetish...

Thanks for the 3rd pic like it good sir.

>> No. 7422 [Report]

Upgrade acquired!

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File 1384580258346.jpg


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File 1384584313171.jpg

My mom posted this on Facebook earlier today.

wat do, /b/?

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Learn to accept the fact that your mom is a whore.

then Fap.

>> No. 7414 [Report]

like the post, and comment "nice"

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File 1384328963944.jpg

Upload and rate our gta cars! Here is mine

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File 1384330175054.jpg


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File 1384330540276.jpg

My Cheetah

>> No. 7385 [Report]
File 1384330507090.jpg

heres my Elegy

>> No. 7386 [Report]
File 1384330573792.jpg

My(Franklins) Buffalo

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File 1384325687912.png

Great to god tier animes. I need another one to watch.

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>> No. 7378 [Report]
File 1384322534690.gif

Serial Experiments Lain

God tier anime, best thing about it is it doesn't compromise its vision, regardless of anything else.

>> No. 7379 [Report]

Black Lagoon, Elfen Lied, High School of the Dead, Attack on Titan, Evangelion (enjoyed the first two remakes), Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scrolls
Cant think of others atm

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File 1384325317121.jpg

Monster, without a doubt. Good enough that Guillermo del Toro wants to make a HBO series.

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File 1384236347144.jpg

How was your monday, /b/?

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>> No. 7364 [Report]
File 1384237250682.jpg

Thanks! I try to keep myself healthy.

>> No. 7365 [Report]

Shoe on head

>> No. 7366 [Report]
File 1384237551358.jpg

Well of course!

>> No. 7367 [Report]

Thanks. <3

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File 1384230169765.jpg

>Movies which made YOU feel.

Last 15 minutes were feel fucking central.

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File 1384231571478.jpg

>There was once a dream that was Rome.

>> No. 7355 [Report]
File 1384232283842.jpg

This fucking movie was so fucking bad

But the fucking part where he dies is so fucking sad it gets me every time


>> No. 7356 [Report]
File 1384232868515.jpg

anyone got a torrent of this?

>> No. 7357 [Report]

this shit was a Feelpocalypse

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File 1384233517327.jpg

ITT: things you never learned how to do and are embarrassed about
>never learned to tell time on an analog clock

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>> No. 7346 [Report]

Never learnt how to shave. I've only ever electric shaved.

>> No. 7347 [Report]

This. I can't fucking shave to save my god damn life, its awful

>> No. 7348 [Report]
File 1384234202957.jpg

i never learned how to make friends

>> No. 7349 [Report]

friends are overrated anyway. i rue the day i ever asked my mom how to make friends.

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