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File 1383965450319s.jpg


>ask for advice/help
>share stories
>answer questions

No judgement, we are in this thread to enlighten.

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I havent had sex in 2 years.
Im also super depressed

>> No. 7341 [Report]

19 years old, virgin, like 3 lost chances because I'm a romantic pussy...

>> No. 7342 [Report]

Hey man, i've been there.  I've had longer dry spells.  I've had to ask myself, "Am I going after sex or a relationship."

It's not a complete solution, but, it got me down the path that I needed to go.

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I was that romantic pussy and didn't get laid until I was 25.  I don't regret it, but, maybe I could have been more assertive with girls earlier.  

Do you want to have sex with girls that you are in relationships with?  Or, do you just want sex?

Getting sex is easy if you turn off your conscious.  You won't care who they are and what happens after.

Getting sex in a relationship is ALWAYS hard and it will always be hard.

You are living the life that we all are living.

Good luck.

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File 1383733354446.jpg

ITT: Childhood Sex Stories, Incest Stories, and, due to resounding success of the anal thread last night, First Time Anal Stories.

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>be 5 or so
>have female cousin
>a year or so younger than me
>we would always play together naked
>a year later
>one day when we were playing a game she wore a skirt without underwear
>have a boner
>pretend to be a doctor
>"I think you might have fanny cancer I need to have a closer look"
>she refused
>kept asking
>still said no
>stopped hanging out with her after that

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File 1383734700879.jpg

>be 15
>In bible camp
>Girl in wheelchair, who is actually fucking hot as fuck, is sitting in her chair next to the sports field
>I go up to her and ask if she's ok
>She says yeah, but obviously she's a bit bored to not being able to play
>I get a tennis ball and we throw it back and forth
>Later on she texts me from her lodge (girls and boys in separate areas) asking if I wanna meet at sunset
>Meet the chick, she's folded her chair and is sitting on a blanket so she doesn't seem broken
>2 hours later we're kissing, I tear her clothes off, undress and fuck her
>It's really hard to control her legs while I'm on my knees thrusting, as they are flopping about in my one free hand
>Camp leaders come close, I say "Fuck, run" and run away
>I later realize she was disabled and she was lying there naked when the bible leaders came around

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Next story. Probably not as good, but sharing.

>be in 1st grade, 7 years old
>single mom works all the time always
>have no where to go when not at school (after school/weekends)
>go to preschool/daycare thing nearby that's run by hippies
>help with younger kids
>like, once a week we have "water day"
>sprinklers/water guns/kiddie pools etc
>kids age 3-5 don't give a fuck so we all just change into swimsuits in the same room
>much nudity in one room
>cute girl and I become friends
>5 yrs old
>still not in kindergarten for who the fuck knows why
>first water day since we become friends happens
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When I was 14 I went to Ireland with my best friend and his mom and their two dogs for a month. I used to pretend to walk them early in the morning but the reality was I'd chain one of them up in the shed whilst I'd 'play around' with the other one. It started innocently enough, with me just letting her lap my dick, balls and ass until i came in her mouth or with me just playing with her pussy until she'd hump up and down on my finger and id bring her to orgasm. On about the 18th day of doing this, I decided to try fucking her. I eased into her gently, my dick too big for her but still managable and came within about 5 seconds, so I finished her off with my fingers and tongue. I could taste metal in my mouth and realised I was covered in her blood and she was bleeding like crazy out of her pussy. She tried running out of the door and I panicked because I didn't want to get busted by my friends mom. I picked up the pitch fork that was next to me and smashed her around the head. When I looked down at the floor and saw her still twitching and whimpering with blood coming out of her pussy I instant bonered again. I fucked her rotten with all of my weight in the most sadistic ways and came 3 times whilst she was alive and dead. I cleaned up and buried her in the woods. When I went back the house with the golden retirever his mom asked me where the other dog was I told her it ran away.

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File 1383725732256.jpg

You receive $50,000 tomorrow. You have to spend it. What do you buy?

>> No. 7320 [Report]

$42,000 on student loan debt
$8,000 in bank

$42,000 on student loan debt
$8,000 on a sturdy rope to hang myself with

>> No. 7321 [Report]

Why bother paying the loan if you're going to kill yourself?

Buy $50,000 worth of drugs, hookers etc and party til you inevitably die of some kind of overdose or by choking on vomit and/or the dick of a tranny hooker you accidentally hired not realizing they were a tranny being so fucked up on drugs.

>> No. 7322 [Report]

plane ticket prostitutes of my choice
>why pay for sex beta?
>love cheating and buying women hahahah
>fuck bitches!

>> No. 7323 [Report]

>not buying a ps4

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File 1383641938974.jpg

>not stimulating prostate

Straight male here,

Ever want to know what it feels like to have the most intense orgasm you are capable of having as a guy? The feeling of having all your tension wash away? It's just as good as the female orgasm and not hard to accomplish. So why aren't you idiots enjoying the perks of anal play?

>> No. 7314 [Report]

a straight male on a crusade to get other males to play with their ass holes... right

>> No. 7315 [Report]

ITT: sexually frustrated male teens post "faggot".

Grow up you nubiles. Anal play is great.

>> No. 7316 [Report]

Why do you post that copypasta here and on 4chan?

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File kitty.jpg

gentlemen, how do we improve vchan?

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this is it

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File 1383661971024.jpg

testing file url upload

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File 1383547565707.jpg

About to do acid for the first time 1 tab. They told me to do half of one because it's really strong but idgaf.

Any tips? Also, what the hell do I do with this little tab? Swallow it? Let it dissolve in my mouth?

>> No. 7305 [Report]

look at videos on youtube of spiders eating things

>> No. 7306 [Report]

You'll be fine man. With LSD, just keep it on/under your tongue for 5 minutes then swallow it, it's only with the NBOMe family you have to keep it in your mouth for like 30 minutes.
Just look at awesome pictures of nature, and remember that you are on a chemical, nothing bad will happen to you and you will probably experience some weird physical effects, these are all part of the experience. Enjoy yourself and write down/draw as much as you want to help you remember the trip

>> No. 7307 [Report]

im tripping on 25i right now, 2000ug.

more accurately, im coming down off it. took it around 10 hours ago. its not acid but its very likely what you're getting (cuz real acid's very rare and people use nbome as a replacement all the fucking time).

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File 1383548074161.jpg

How's your life /b/ros?

>Never had a job
>Have my GED
>Just got my license 6 months ago
>Come from low income family
>No college whatsoever
>No jobs calling me back
>No skills or trades at all
>Never owned a car
>Still live with parents

>inb4 I'm a brain surgeon making 6 figures at the age of 21 and fuck bitches everyday while drinking golden tequila

>> No. 7301 [Report]

>Graduated high school two years ago
>Haven't done shit since
>Joining Air Force
>Leave for basic in March
>Going for college reasons and to move out
>I still have no idea what I want to study in college
>Could care less about happiness, just as long as I can make enough money to support my self and my family in a middle class home/neighborhood
>Parents are getting a divorce
>Never happy, never sad
>Emotions are just kind of blank
>Hoping I can be happy once I am moved out

>> No. 7302 [Report]

>virgin (doesn't bother me, but really seems to get most people)
>college, AA, 1 foreign language class away from BA

>have "attempted" this class multiple times. Hate the arbitrary requirement so much I can never bring myself to complete it.

>Good IT certifications. Turns out I hate sitting behind a desk.

>Co-owned a business. Good ideas, but husband-and-wife co-owners kept out-voting me. Sold shares, business went bankrupt.

>Pizza driver. Hate it.
>About a month away from pilot's license.

>Don't want to work - even flight loses its appeal when I have to do it to live. No way out of it I guess.

>> No. 7303 [Report]

>No job now
>high school dep
>Have car, no license
>No gf or bf
>No college whatsoever
>No jobs calling me back
>YouTube partnership that pays less than needed
>Still live with parents
>Just got off bail

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File 1383551101876.png

tl;dr: baw thread

Yesterday I had the worst first date experience with the girl of my dreams.
>Lunch at her place
>She lives with her milf-ish divorced mother and younger sister
>Mother and sister really liked me
>Everyone laughing their hearts out at my stories during lunch
>Mother and sister leave us
>Me and the girl go back to her room and cuddle while watching old anime and youtube crap
>She seems to be enjoying my company
>Time flies by
>Already dark outside
>I have to leave because I have work to finish
>When separating she hugs me so tight I can feel her heartbeat.
>While on the train going home I think how well it went
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 1383551190673.jpg

Crying Tomoko makes me sad in my feels place...

>> No. 7297 [Report]

You sure it was her on skype?

>> No. 7298 [Report]
File 1383551486364.jpg

I'm pretty sure it was her. Both her mother and sister have their own laptops and I don't think they would do anything like this. And it felt like her style of writing.

We were very close trough skype. Talking everyday about everything from morning to dusk. It was so nice while it lasted.

>> No. 7299 [Report]

Wait till tomorrow before messaging her. She is just drunk as fuck and feeling miserable, nothing you can do.

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File 1383537663971.png

OKC and POF stories and tips

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File 1383538437767.jpg


>> No. 7292 [Report]

i was thinking of online dating
pros, cons?

>> No. 7293 [Report]

>dont have to go out and buy bar whores drinks
>get their cell after a brief convo
>text them for a week or so
>hang out and see what happens
>make up some bullshit around your friends etc on where you met the girl
>may see people you went to high school with/ people you may know
Its free why not try it?

>> No. 7294 [Report]

how many people do you guys message?

I think i've messaged about 10-15 girls in the 2-3 months i've been on the site......

had 2 dates out of that....... and some other short conversations on the phone.....

for some reason i think a girl will message me but they never do.

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File 1383548432664.jpg

PC fag here.
I feel like buying a next gen console
so tell me /b/
Xbox One or PS4?

convince me. Also I dont give a fuck about exclusive games so dont bother throwing the halo card around.

>> No. 7284 [Report]

why the fuck would you wanna dish out more money for a machine that preforms less?

>> No. 7285 [Report]

Let me give it to you straight /b/ro. It's a matter of demographic.

The Xbox/Microsoft and it's associates creates, manufactures and sells games primarily to appeal to a smaller audience of American, young adult males. In other words, I don't see very many 11 year old kids playing Gears of War. The console exclusives are nice once in a while, but lack the ability to create diverse and worthwhile gaming experiences that will no become noticeably stale with each sequel.

The Playstation/Sony and it's associates creates, manufactures and sells a more international product. This is why you've heard Brazilfags in a uproar about the cost of the system in their country, it's a more internationally appealing system. The products are designed and sold to appeal to a wider audience as well, this is why Playstation offers games that contain more fantasy and imaginative ideas (ie; Spryo the Dragon, Sly Cooper, Little big planet). Basically, sony is trying to appeal to kids. Does the Playstation have better console exclusives? In this anon's opinion, yes. Playstation offers nostalgic and serious console exclusives that are all fun and able to be expanded upon well, InFamous, for example.

Short answer: GET A PS4

>> No. 7286 [Report]

>Playing video games
Dat Autism

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File 1383545892111.jpg

ITT: Ask a guy who just physically assaulted a prostitute anything.

>> No. 7274 [Report]

why did you do it?

>> No. 7275 [Report]

have you ever physically assaulted a prostitute?

>> No. 7276 [Report]

I didn't want to pay.

Not before this.

>> No. 7277 [Report]
File 1383546914559.jpg

Was it in GTA?

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File 1383549369248.jpg

Sup /b/,
How are you today?

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>> No. 7269 [Report]

Well enough. Graduate work is bogging me down, but I am genuinely intrigued with my discipline. You?

>> No. 7270 [Report]

m shitting myself because I'm about to finally tell someone I'm transgendered.

>> No. 7271 [Report]

>I'm transgendered

post pics

>> No. 7272 [Report]

Pics of what? I just look like a regular dude at the moment

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File 1383540484647.png

Why be atheist when you can be agnostic?

>> No. 7265 [Report]
File 1383540802125.png

Because at least Atheists have the balls to admit that they believe God doesn't exist. And to an extent, they're right. But that's because Ceiling Cat does.

>> No. 7266 [Report]

You can be both.

Gnostic = knowing
Agnostic = Not knowing
Theist = believe in god(s)
Atheist = don't believe in god.

I consider myself an agnostic theist, I believe a god exists, but I'm not about to make some bold claim, like I know one way or the other.

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File 1382936448257.jpg

Scientists keep proving that we are incredibly incredibly small. We are tiny, in fact. Like, miniscule. Like, practically non-existent. The universe is at least 156 billion light-years wide. And we're like these tiny little specks on this tiny little world in this tiny little solar system in this tiny little galaxy. Do you realize that it would take more than a million earths to fill the sun? And the sun is tiny too!

But what about how big we are? There are like millions of little microbes living in us. We're like a universe in and of ourselves. And don't even get me started on atoms and quarks and the string theory and all that business. Do you realize how incredibly HUGE we are? It's insane. A million earths in the sun -- that ain't nothing. It takes a number that doesn't even have a word for it. According to this random website, there are 7x10^27 atoms in our body. That's 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, just to give you an idea of our enormity.

>> No. 7259 [Report]

Deep/intelligent thinker thread. Retards will not be tolerated.

>> No. 7260 [Report]

While I understand that, I don't really think what you have posted is deep.

Does it annoy anyone else that every time you look up into the night sky, and see the hundreds and hundreds of stars idly shimmering, sitting high above in the sky, that each one is possibly another solar system filled with gargantuan vast playgrounds, new sights, discoveries and experiments, and yet you have to face the depressing fact that you will never. ever. ever. get to experience any of it. Here we are trapped on this tiny rock. I'm bored of pallet town and want to leave, and I have even asked my rivals sister for a map and a fuck yet.

>> No. 7261 [Report]

I remember when i was way out there floating around in my subconsciousness on some good psychedelic mushrooms, i was thinking about the universe, i compared it to a line, and the creation of the universe is just a bump on that line, a small anomaly that happened for one reason or another, and we in turn are a byproduct of that event, a billion small things that came together in a certain sequence that forms the present, and one day we will die, our own bump in the line ending just like the universe one day will, i know this makes no sense but on mushrooms it did, i dont even understand what i wrote now lol

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File 1382943942451.jpg

Anyone in /b/ ever been to a glory hole before. Am meeting a guy there tomorrow for my first suck off. Am bringing flavored condoms, and he had no problems about it. Any rules I need to be aware of ?

>> No. 7256 [Report]

dont even try bro, bad things happen in that shit. one of my friend got stabbed with a fucking syringe on his dick. now hes scared he has aids or some shit.

>> No. 7257 [Report]

>volunteering for castration
go ahead op, someone as stupid as you should never procreate anyway.

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File 1382935931979.jpg

Hey /b/, I've recently started watching anime. I've already finished Steins Gate, Sword Art Online, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist. What else should I watch?
Pic unrelated

>> No. 7253 [Report]

>not having watched full metal panic yet
how much of a faggot are you

>> No. 7254 [Report]
File 1382937470195.jpg

Yondemasuyo Azazel-San: detective summons demons to solve cases

Bokusatsu Tenchi Dokuro-Chan: an angel is sent to save a guy from another angel who was sent to kill him because in the future he discovers an immortality serum that prevents women from ageing beyond 11, resulting in a planet full of pedos.

Elfen Lied: Telekinetic cat girls tear people limb from limb. more brutal decapitations than most video games.

Wakfu: human-dragon symbiotes arrive on a peaceful world and proceed to inadvertently fuck shit up. note: this one is french.

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File 1382932373910.jpg

ITT: how much of a foul bachelor are you?
Relationship status:
Time you went to bed:
Time you woke up:
Last time you cleaned your sheets:
Last time you showered:
Last time you brushed your teeth:
Last time you flossed:
Last thing you ate:
Last time you had sex:

>> No. 7250 [Report]

Relationship status: single
Time you went to bed: 3am
Time you woke up: 9:30am
Last time you cleaned your sheets: 2 weeks
Last time you showered: this morning
Last time you brushed your teeth: yesterday
Last time you flossed: months
Last thing you ate: Big Mac and fries
Last time you had sex: last Thursday

>> No. 7251 [Report]

>showered this morning 
>brushed about an hour ago
>never floss keep that shit away from me
>ate as if today was one meal
>haven't sexed in over a year

I'm so depressed.

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File 1382926612516.jpg

First gay experience story?
I'll go first.

>Be me 4 years ago
>Graduated 8th going into highschool
>Use to skate with a big group but especially with a friend i knew since 4th grade
>One day after finishing up a skate sesh my friend and i go back to my place
>We sit on my couch and watch whatevers on
>Friend goes to the restroom & i go change clothes 
>While im changing i get a random boner
>From the corner of my eye i see my friend (lets call him James) is watching me
>I dont say anything nor do i turn and face him, i dont think he knows i saw him
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7244 [Report]


Note: James has a slim feminine body and long hair, with a bit of girly face features

>James arrives and sits on my couch
>We watch movies and play xbox 360
>I switch to hbo and a movie with a sex scene starts playing
>My boner beings to grow and james notices 
>He starts rubbing it from outside of my shorts
>Eventually taking it out and starts jerking me
>But tonight im returning the favor
>I push him on his back and start making out with him
>I take out his cock and its a nice 7 1/2 inches
>I begin to suck and i hear him moan in pleasure and lust
Cont. ?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 7245 [Report]

>Be 24
>Always had various girlfriends but fapped for years to homo fantasies
>Get on a local message board and organize to meet a married guy at a pub near my office
>Have a few drinks to drown the nerves
>Meet up and head to a hotel he booked just around the corner
>We both get nekkid, I go down on him and give him epic head just like my girls have given me over the years
>He blows in my mouth and I swallow every drop
>He then gives me a hand job and I blow all over my chest
>We have a shower and leave after an hour never to see each other again

I'm now married and 36 and have used this memory as spank bank material on many occasions.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 7247 [Report]

Be 13

In tent with buddy, also 13

Start talking about girls... Getting hard, confess that we jerk off..

Both admit were hard talking about it.

I take my dick out and say "let's talk about girls we like and stroke?"

We do.. He suggests I close my eyes and pretend he's said girl I Iike while I cum in his mouth, I do same.

Fucking amazing.....

We stroke together... I ask him if he wants to fuck me once... He cums in me, I actually really liked it. He jerks me from behind...
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 7248 [Report]

>be 21
>2010, just got out of Army basic/AIT
>come home, look at m4m section of craigslist because curious
>get turned on by some of the ads
>post ad as a first timer wanting to try things out
>young guy my age replies, asks to meet me somewhere 
>agree and meet him at a closed train station
>get in his car and talk nervously for about 20 min
>ask how things should go down
>tells me to move to the back seat with him
>we do
>starts rubbing my cock through my shorts, I do the same to him
>we make out while rubbing each others cocks
>I pull off his pants and boxers and start sucking his 7.5 inch cock
>halfway through he stops me and pulls off my pants
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 1364527831881.jpg

Sub /b/.
Bored femanon here.
Tell me how fat I am plz. (:


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>> No. 7073 [Report]
File boobs1[1].jpg

you femanon are the most lovely kind of fat I enjoy to be with
wish you the best.

>> No. 7074 [Report]


>> No. 7075 [Report]


>> No. 7081 [Report]
File 0547825212.jpg

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File 1364602181680.jpg

Hello, /b/. I am a "super genius"/researcher. I want to show you some of the work I've recently come up with, drafts and what not, and, I want your opinions on some of my work.

It's all calculated using Sacred Geometry, and some of what the Egyptians knew. So, know and understand that it's all legitimate and credible work.

Btw, religious fags, get in here.

Jesus/God is You, you dumbasses.

4 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6734 [Report]
File 1364603151550.jpg

Sigh. You will learn.

>> No. 7062 [Report]

Quite interesting, OP. I like that stuff.
Go on.

>> No. 7067 [Report]

you are a fucking retard. with that much shit that exists, anywhere, you're bound to find similarities to that which we know

if you crunch enough numbers and bullshit, you'll get anything to look like anything. also, the plates move, dumbass, in anther million years it'll look different again

>> No. 7071 [Report]

If you fart enough you can make a methane powered light speed rocket ship.

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