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File 1364675764131.jpg

>Never gone down on a girl
>Have fantasies of girl fucking my face
>Finally happens
>Hate every moment of it
Is pussy an 'acquired' taste or something i will never like if i didn't like it the first time?

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Pussy is not an acquired taste. You either like it, or you don't, or her pussy smells badly. I'm pretty sure anyone can grow to like anything though.

>> No. 7063 [Report]

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No. 7068 [Report]

you're a fag, it's the best thing ever

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File 1364188118567.jpg

pick one, what would you do with her sexually. go.

>> No. 6669 [Report]

3. penis inthe pooper

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File 1364188175111.jpg

1 and 3

>> No. 6906 [Report]

#3-fuck her face

>> No. 7066 [Report]

2 jizz in her throat

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File _66020177_matthewhopkins.jpg

Why is vchan so dead? It could be the best chan

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vchan is pretty new, give it some time :D

>> No. 7061 [Report]

Quality >>>>>>>>>> quantity.

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File 1364188999904.jpg

>cute girl from work wants to chill outside of work
>always tell her I will, come up with a day never show up
>im way too nervous, shes too hot for me and I cant man up
>always make excuses 
>what can I do to get over this and chill?

>> No. 6667 [Report]

A. kill yourself for being such a colossal faggot
B. fucking grow a pair and go with her. You have a hot girl APPROACHING YOU and you're too much of a pussy to take advantage of it, man the fuck up.

>> No. 6894 [Report]

or C. smoke weed everyday

>> No. 7060 [Report]

hurr durp durr herp hurp derp

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File 1364948650567.jpg

Girl on the right = Nice-ish face but small boobs

Girl on the left = Average face but big boobs

Just curious. Which one would you go for /b/??

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File 5899-michael-cera-laughing.jpg

MFW I know the girl on the left

>> No. 6889 [Report]

I think you are dyslexic kind sir...

>> No. 7048 [Report]

I'd take the one that can tell her left from her right.

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File 1365662652225.png

what fictional world would you live in, /b/?

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My girlfriend always says pokemon and I just don't understand this shit. She says riding an Arcanine would be the shit. I say that, although it would be cool at first, it would get really fucking boring after awhile, doing nothing but cockfighting for badges and money.

>> No. 6817 [Report]
File 1365664735179.jpg

some anime world where i have a fucking harem.
im swedish, i look kinda good and i can play the guitar, i will fuck the whole of tokyo in 2 days and then continue on my fuckathon by fucking the rest of japan and then the world.

or maybe this
>pic related

>> No. 6871 [Report]

Half-life two. Man.. Would be fucking awesome.

>> No. 7058 [Report]
File 126643260224.jpg

I would want to live in the world of Randy Dave.

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File 525049_10151509338704808_1917985914_n.jpg

Alright fuckers time to listen to some real music


>> No. 6882 [Report]

>real music
>links shitty metal song

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>> No. 6892 [Report]

Fucking siiick! Never heard these guys before.

>> No. 6893 [Report]

Lead singer is one of my friend..Simon Girard from Montreal, Québec

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File 1367601160125.jpg

Porn you'd most like to see?

I'd be interested in watching 2 12 year olds fucking.

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>> No. 6855 [Report]
File 1367603861819.jpg

Here you go OP.

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>> No. 6864 [Report]
File 2a44fada4089a782fc2f0b1539d388f2d13d32a1.png

Very nice, I'd love to see that too. Maybe even 2 10 or 11 year olds fucking. I'm also way into straight shota, and I'd be very interested in seeing a little boy, about 11 or 12, fucking a sexy older girl, maybe between 20-30. That'd be hot.

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File 1369077218836.jpg

Because we desperately need more validation threads.

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File 1369077447645.jpg

>> No. 6876 [Report]
File 1369077900236.jpg

Mine. Rate it, /b/itches.

>> No. 6877 [Report]

Celebrity, TV, film, drink, car, food, superhero. Minus points for band and LoL. 6/10.

>> No. 6878 [Report]
File 1369079098033.jpg

Judge me /b/astards

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File 1364531507175.gif

ITT. we make assumptions about each others lives based on our favorite porn stars
Pic very related

>> No. 6690 [Report]

My assumption is that you are a man of class, and thus are attracted to women who exude class and grace. Ergo, Tiffany Thompson, perhaps the only person in her profession who can still appear sweet and innocent...the kind of girl you'd take home to the family.

You, sir, have excellent taste in women.

>> No. 6691 [Report]
File 1364532105898.gif

I Like your style. Your favorite?

>> No. 6692 [Report]
File 1364532403783.gif


>> No. 6872 [Report]

Man with great taste.

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File 1364947640695.jpg

Breaking Bad > Walking Dead

Fuck You All

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>> No. 6796 [Report]

everything > big bang theory

MFW OP is fucking right

>> No. 6797 [Report]

>2013 not liking bbt

>> No. 6834 [Report]

I'm with OP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLsxrhVO5KU

>> No. 6868 [Report]

Breaking Bad is a stupid piece of shit, and people who think it's good are stupid fucking morons.

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File 1367602087872.jpg

You fucking hipster jew faggot nigger lovers. Where is this thread?:

Jeff Hanneman, a founding member of Slayer whose career was irrevocably changed after a spider bite, has died. He was 49.

>> No. 6857 [Report]

faggot deserved it.
i once saw slayer, worst concert ever.

>> No. 6858 [Report]

so edgy.

but I feel you OP,it bummed me out too. It sucks seeing legend die while all the world just cares about niggers with autotune or unoriginal bullshit.

>> No. 6859 [Report]
File 1367604161916.png

>mfw people over the age of 15 listen to metal

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File 1364213478698.jpg

>in college
>this nigga comes to my class
>dressed like ash
>plays with pokeymon
>every day plays on his DS
>no one talks to him
>im a well known guy
>pretty mellow and boring day
>lets see what "Ash" is thinking about
>one day i walk up to him and say:
hey man whats your fav pokeymon?
>to only in his beautiful response, just gives me a look and says:
"thats charsHARD to think about"
as he lightly laughs
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>> No. 6674 [Report]

Holy shit this guy

>> No. 6675 [Report]
File 1364213959633.jpg

>another day
>pretty rainy outside
living in Texas blows btw
>have to move to classes
>me, Ash, and 2 other girls are at the door
>i offer the ladys my umbrella
I knew them so it was cool
fucking vajin
>so they run off to thier next class
>i zip up my hoodie and backpack as i ready to go forth
>look at ash and say as he is fumbling with his plastic pokeyballs
"dont happen to have a Squrittle?"
>and he simply reply's:
"no, but i do have a Starme"
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>> No. 6832 [Report]

I don't understand, can water types STOP rain in addition to starting it?

>> No. 6848 [Report]
File 1364689764796.jpg

lololol such gold you need to get this guy laid op

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File 1367182126998.jpg

ITT: Immoral sex encounters

>Travel in Laos (Asia, poor country as fuck)
>Partying with backpackers
>Local teens arrive, celebrating a girls 16th birthday
>I get drunk
>She get really really drunk
>Take her home to guest house
>Pull of her clothes
>She's almost passed out
>Can only master a low moan "no, no"
>Start fingering her
>She change her mutter to "condom, condom"
>Start fingering her ass
>Moans of displeasure
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>> No. 6842 [Report]

>Be 18, be visiting this hot 15-year-old chick in other town.
>Her parents are out overnight.
>Watch movies, girl is REALLY hot.
>Smoke some weed, girl has zero tolerance.
>Try to feel her in bed, she says no.
>Force-finger her, she's not enjoying. She says something like no i don't even have condoms and passes out.
>I have a tiny dick so I spat on it and assraped her. Or well it was really painful and didn't really go in properly but I managed to cum.
>Girl was semi-awake during the act. Fully woken up when I finished.
>Shoved my cumcovered cock in her mouth.
>She cried.
>After that she screamed at me to get dressed and gtfo.
>I left, texted her the next day hoping we could meet up again.
>"Leave me the fuck alone anon, I never wanna hear from you again."
>Mfw bitches don't like getting ass-raped.

>> No. 6843 [Report]

>Be 18
>Drunk as fuck at a party at my friend's house
>People start to leave at around 1 am but I decide to crash there
>Friends sister is there (16 at the time)
>I lay on the couch about ready to pass out when someone sits in my lap
>It's his sister who is an 8/10
>Rubs her hands on my chest under my shirt
>Too drunk to tell her to go away (since it is my best friend's sister after all)
>Start to get stiff
>She grinds on my cock
>Commence making out
>Tells me to come with her
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 6844 [Report]

>Go into her room
>She locks the door and gives me the most fierce "fuck me" look I've ever seen
>Grips my hips and we make out with the force of 1000 suns
>Fall onto bed
>Grinds my cock more
>Shirts come off
>Pants closely follow
>Tear bra off like some kind of rapist
>Tell her but she says she is on the pill
>Game time niggas
Continued (final post coming)

>> No. 6845 [Report]

>Says she is a virgin
>Very loose so I don't believe it, but I dont give a single fuck
>Bounces on dick like a freak
>Can barely hold load any longer
>She is screaming in pleasure which gets me even harder
>Cum harder than I thought was humanly possible
>She climaxes almost simultaneously and looks down at me with the cutest fucking smile
>She giggles and says "next time it is gonna cost you"
>I laugh and say "haha how much? I'd pay top dollar"
>She looks at me and goes "It's gonna cost about three fiddy"
>It's about that time when I notice she's a god damn crustacean from the paleolithic era
>Dammit monster! I ain't never gonna give you no god damn tree fiddy!
Never called her after that night

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File 1365232314657.jpg

Which one would you choose? Explain yourself.

>> No. 6800 [Report]

if it came with bullets, I'd choose the AK since I can not maintain it. If I had t ofind bullets, the other one will be easier because the government uses those. Or maybe they can use the same idk

>> No. 6801 [Report]

The AK because it's one of the best assault rifles in the world.

>> No. 6836 [Report]

Depends on Combat environment If it was urban close up fighting and ammo was scarce I would go for the AK because range is not a factor, and the round causes more damage. If lead out distance was an advantage or if ammo was plentiful to where I could spray the M4 would be ideal. If no choice is to be made from environments I would chose the AR-10 platform more accuracy and fuction than the M4 and double the Footpower of the the 7.62x39 round.

I own an DSA SA58 btw

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File 1364591386090.jpg

Ask a cop anything.

>> No. 6698 [Report]

what's your opinion on weeeeed?

>> No. 6699 [Report]

I used to smoke it and actually i'd legalize it.

>> No. 6835 [Report]


why did you stop? are cops tested for drugs regularly in the US (assuming that's where you live)?

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File 1365771636786.png

What is having a little sister like?

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>> No. 6823 [Report]

Having an emotional landmine whose gripes are more unreasonable than yours. But a nice, rather fun emotional landmine whose gripes are more unreasonable than yours.

>> No. 6824 [Report]
File 1365772313565.png

I have a little sister. Oreimo is pretty much how it's like. That's why I like the series

>> No. 6825 [Report]

This. It's a lot more accurate than most other anime when it comes to portraying a little sister ie they're more annoying/bitchy than cute.

>> No. 6826 [Report]
File 1365772608061.png

B-But Kirino is the cutest imouto I can imagine.

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File 1365664673060.jpg

in august, i had an abortion and ever since, i've not been able to enjoy sex or masturbation. i get sore too quickly, to the point of tearing up and nearly crying. thus, i've not had an orgasm for over eight months, and it's becoming extremely frustrating.
so what the fuck do i do, /b/?

>> No. 6819 [Report]

go see a doctor, quit complaining about your dumb shit on the internet

>> No. 6820 [Report]

Go back to your doctor and ask him for the fetus he aborted out of you. He'll have it in a hazmat bag somewhere around the office, all doctors do.

On your way home with the fetus, pick up a shitton of lube. You're going to need it.

When you get back, set out a bunch of newspaper, strip, and lie on it, on your back. Lube yourself up, and coat the fetus in lube as well for good measure.

Now, very slowly, insert the fetus all the way inside yourself. Make sure to use a swift thrusting motion to get it inside your cervix. This will hurt like hell, but luckily you can just bite your own tongue. Like a bullet!

Once the fetus is all the way inside your cervix, your brain will send secret fetus spices down into the fetus itself, reactivating it. The fetus will reanimate, and begin hitting all the pleasure buttons inside your womb.

This is the problem with abortions. Who's going to man the womb-buttons if there's no fetus inside your womb?

Over time, your pregnancy will develop. Do NOT let this occur. When you feel yourself going into labour, tie your legs together with duct tape. The fetus will attempt to escape, but when it starts to feel its head being crushed by your thighs, it'll get the message and crawl back in.

Hope this helps, good luck.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 1364526641061.jpg

You laugh you lose thread.
You have all lost.

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>> No. 6695 [Report]
File 1364528184940.jpg

>> No. 6696 [Report]
File 1364529428148.jpg

>> No. 6807 [Report]
File c9sxZwG.png

you all lost

>> No. 6810 [Report]
File 1365586711989.gif

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File 1365054806323.jpg

good evening /b/
Its time for
Ask a Psychopath Anything!!

a few answers to common questions before we start

No i have not killed anyone

Yes I have been diagnosed by a professional

Yes i am attention whoring, the narcissist in me loves it

Ask away

>> No. 6792 [Report]

if you were diagnosed by a professional, you would know that there is no such thing as a "psychopath"

>> No. 6793 [Report]

If you are clinically diagnosed, you would avoid jailtime by claiming mental disease or defect, OP. Just kill someone already.

>> No. 6794 [Report]

Can you give me a brief explanation of what it means to be a clinical psychopath, and if you're of a particular tendency? Just for some context for the thread.

>> No. 6795 [Report]

just because some shrinks dont think there are psychopaths doesn't mean there are some that do
also ASPD

while i have no qualms about killing someone, noones given me a good enough reason to kill them
i think people are more useful alive then dead

theres alot of disagreement about this
some dont think psychopathy is real others do, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopathy outlines it best i suppose
but i am a narcissist most i think

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