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File 1364945520246.png

Fucking rage thread. OC here.

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File 1364946290671.png

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File 1364947499467.jpg

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MFW when a majority of the people here don't understand why people self harm in the first place, and think that people do it because it makes them edgy. It's not like people wake up one day and say "Hey! Let me slit my wrist, that sounds like a great idea!" No. They feel trapped, alone, and scared, so they resort to something that takes their mind off of it. It's a way of saying I am still human. I still feel something. Despite all the emptiness that I feel, I can still feel pain so I know I'm still alive.

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kill yourself. especially when you cut yourself and attention whore on social media sites

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File 1364975931733.jpg

List the craziest/weirdest things you've done while masturbating.

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>be an hour ago
>got a vibrator about the size of my thumb
>stole from chicks house
>think it would be a good ide to turn on and shove in ass
>ok shower time
>turn it on and starts shoving in 
>felt good at first 
>and then its gone
>instantly forgot i had to take a shit about an hour before the shower
>at this point i feel nothing from the toy but still hear it
>its inside of me and i can't take it out
>start to push like if i was taking massive shit
>doesnt come out
>force it harder
>bad boy comes out but covered in shit 
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I remember how much I loved giving myself enemas
I do have a horror story though
>be me in third year of high school
>time for enema
>gather ingredients
>get amazing idea
>go online, look up new recipe
>hydrogen peroxide enema
>makes it feel bubbly apparently
>mix together batch
>shoot up ass with enema bag
>let it sit for 20 minutes
>push out in shower
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File 1364940804442.jpg

anyone that a tattoo is an idiot.
as people get older and their skin begins to wrinkle, stretch and fold....

Ideally, when a teenager considers having a tattoo, I recommend that they first visit the cheaper parts of town and look closely at the 50 year-olds and see how 'great' they look on these folk.

But, to be fair, a tattoo has its uses: it makes classification easy.

It also is amusing to think of all those hundreds of million having a tattoo to exhibit their individualism - just like every other fashion victim.

YOU are Vain, shortsighted, feckless, emotionally underdeveloped, gullible, chavish, lacking in vision, low tier conformist and very cheap

you mad? now dont thank me all at once for showing you the error of your ways.I forgive you.

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File 1364941233110.jpg

i cant hear you over the most beautiful girl i have ever seen

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File 1364941819612.jpg

>the sum of my thoughts on this
>itt beta fags

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> i cant hear you over

Yeah, it is pretty hard to hear over her loud calls for attention.

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File 1364945624226.jpg

Hello /b/ how do you eat out a girl? I'm guaranteed a bj if I eat this chick out but I've never even fingered a girl before so I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

Pic related I guess

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Imagine you are a girl.

What would you like.

Wasn't that easy?

Seriously it's that simple.

Don't lick her pee hole (rarely do guys like the INSIDE of their urethra played with.)

Careful with her clit (go slow, work up to it, respond to how she feels)

That's about it.

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File 1364945726181.jpg

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File 1364945907285.jpg

You're welcome.

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hey wemen have 4 types of orgasms - clitorial, vaginal, G spot and anal. To do 3 of them You need at least 5 sm long penis or 2 inches in you countings. The srongest ones are g-spot and anal in my exp at least. The one u might loose is vaginal, but it is kind of overall experience for them 3 out of four is just a great fuck enough for them as you might never find while jerking off youself. So calm down and do what mother nature told you to do. And don't ruch! Devour every second of the process and after it she will say the you are the best mothefucking fuckesr there is in her knowledge.
capcha - they softtyea

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File 1364945060303.jpg

I really want to know if anybody is gettin TES online

>> No. 6759 [Report]

I only have a Asus Laptop that can barely run spore.

I wish I could.

>> No. 6760 [Report]

If it's anything like Skyrim, no.
I'd honestly prefer a Fallout online game.

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File 1364945238051.jpg

It is a bastardization of everything the Elder Scrolls series once was. So no. Nobody else is getting it... I swear to god, if Bethesda makes money off of this, I'm going to destroy the planet.

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File 1364948160087.jpg

Absolutely god tier metal albums.

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File 1364948293088.jpg

this tops most sludge albums i've heard

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File 1364948219386.jpg

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File 1364217344410.jpg

ITT : Good but often forgotten movies

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File 1364219306488.jpg

The absolute gold standard of movie making.

yet people still only talk about Casablanca and Citizen Kane.

It's colse to being the best movie ever made >AND it's my favorite.

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bump for movies to download.

If you haven't, Monty Python.
Everything they do.

Holy Grail
Life of Brian
Meaning of Life

And all their other wondrous films.

>> No. 6753 [Report]

The Princess Bride
Kill Bill

>> No. 6754 [Report]

Park Chan-wook movies anyone?

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File 1364605369175.jpg

I have to take a shit /b/

Okay so when youre in a public bathroom or if you have thin walls at home and need to take a loud shit, what do you do to cover the noise?
If your gunna splash away or have diarrhea, what do you do?
Also good excuse for being in the bathroom for a long time other than the truth which is I was taking a poo?

>> No. 6742 [Report]

though it is ideal to not care, i am always grossed out when i hear or smell another family member.

I usually run the water or I do it before a shower.

but with diarrhea you really just have to brave it.

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File 1364605774643.gif

i was in prison for two years in a two man cell 23 hours a day. me and my cell mate had to shit within feet of eachother daily without walls to separate the toilet from the cell.

We would both flush as the turd came out, right after it came out, after a few wipes, and right as we were done. kept the "noise" down and also helped make the smell linger less.

mfw Im shitting right now.

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File 1364605011023.jpg

Why are you still playing on a console? I bought a 800-€-PC, installed skyrim and ~10 mods, now take a look at the result (pic related, the first picture)
40-55 fps @1680x1050

ITT we talk discuss why
PCs > Consoles

>> No. 6739 [Report]

i just like playing on console
no real reason

>> No. 6740 [Report]

Because unlike every other repressed gamer, I don't particularly give a shit about which platform I play my games on. The graphics are great regardless of being on a high end PC or a more reasonably priced console with merits exclusive to themselves.

Anybody who would exclude any platform because of superiority complexes needs to take a genuine look at their priorities and learn to accept that it's just not worth giving a shit about.


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File 1364589096956.jpg

ITT:Things you do that you think no one else does.

>I only type the squiggly word in the captcha and add a space

>> No. 6701 [Report]

>I visibly shake my hands when leaving a public restroom so people know I've washed my hands.

>> No. 6722 [Report]

I masturbate standing up in front of the toilet so that when I cum, I can just flush it down.

I have literally never done it any other way in like... 10 years? (other than that time I tried eating my own cum, y'naw mean)

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