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File 1364675764131.jpg

>Never gone down on a girl
>Have fantasies of girl fucking my face
>Finally happens
>Hate every moment of it
Is pussy an 'acquired' taste or something i will never like if i didn't like it the first time?

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Pussy is not an acquired taste. You either like it, or you don't, or her pussy smells badly. I'm pretty sure anyone can grow to like anything though.

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Absolutely disgusting.

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you're a fag, it's the best thing ever

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File 1364188118567.jpg

pick one, what would you do with her sexually. go.

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File 1364188175111.jpg

1 and 3

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#3-fuck her face

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2 jizz in her throat

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File _66020177_matthewhopkins.jpg

Why is vchan so dead? It could be the best chan

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vchan is pretty new, give it some time :D

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Quality >>>>>>>>>> quantity.

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File 1364188999904.jpg

>cute girl from work wants to chill outside of work
>always tell her I will, come up with a day never show up
>im way too nervous, shes too hot for me and I cant man up
>always make excuses 
>what can I do to get over this and chill?

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A. kill yourself for being such a colossal faggot
B. fucking grow a pair and go with her. You have a hot girl APPROACHING YOU and you're too much of a pussy to take advantage of it, man the fuck up.

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or C. smoke weed everyday

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hurr durp durr herp hurp derp

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File 1364948650567.jpg

Girl on the right = Nice-ish face but small boobs

Girl on the left = Average face but big boobs

Just curious. Which one would you go for /b/??

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I think you are dyslexic kind sir...

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I'd take the one that can tell her left from her right.

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File 1365662652225.png

what fictional world would you live in, /b/?

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File 1365664735179.jpg

some anime world where i have a fucking harem.
im swedish, i look kinda good and i can play the guitar, i will fuck the whole of tokyo in 2 days and then continue on my fuckathon by fucking the rest of japan and then the world.

or maybe this
>pic related

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Half-life two. Man.. Would be fucking awesome.

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File 126643260224.jpg

I would want to live in the world of Randy Dave.

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File 525049_10151509338704808_1917985914_n.jpg

Alright fuckers time to listen to some real music


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Fucking siiick! Never heard these guys before.

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Lead singer is one of my friend..Simon Girard from Montreal, Québec

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File 1367601160125.jpg

Porn you'd most like to see?

I'd be interested in watching 2 12 year olds fucking.

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File 1367603861819.jpg

Here you go OP.

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File 2a44fada4089a782fc2f0b1539d388f2d13d32a1.png

Very nice, I'd love to see that too. Maybe even 2 10 or 11 year olds fucking. I'm also way into straight shota, and I'd be very interested in seeing a little boy, about 11 or 12, fucking a sexy older girl, maybe between 20-30. That'd be hot.

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File 1369077218836.jpg

Because we desperately need more validation threads.

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File 1369077900236.jpg

Mine. Rate it, /b/itches.

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Celebrity, TV, film, drink, car, food, superhero. Minus points for band and LoL. 6/10.

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File 1369079098033.jpg

Judge me /b/astards

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File 1364531507175.gif

ITT. we make assumptions about each others lives based on our favorite porn stars
Pic very related

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File 1364532105898.gif

I Like your style. Your favorite?

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File 1364532403783.gif


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Man with great taste.

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