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>level of education
>Are you happy?

Please get in here anons

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Ask a young girl anything

>pic related its me

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Anybody who's ever tried heroin, whats it like (preferably in comparison to weed)

R: 8
Ok,serious question, how can I make around 150k ? better if fast.. legal or of course illegal ways,what illegal way would be safest/best ?

R: 4
MILF Amy and daughter

R: 1
Fucking funny kittylol

R: 8
The pyramids. The human race's greatest achievement? Not a conspiracy thread, btw. I'm just asking if they're the greatest thing the human race has created thus far.

R: 3
Lets see that Battle Station /b/

R: 5
ITT: best of greentext

R: 3
A lonely Valentine's day for lonely b/rosLet's mourn together b/ro

Also lonely valentine's day thread

Let's help each other to pass this sad day and keep us from killing those lovely couples out there!

R: 12
What would happen if a sun made of ice would collide with the normal sun, which is made of lava? Both suns are same size, and the sun made of ice is at -1000 Celsius, and the normal sun is at +1000 Celsius.

Would their temperatures cancel each other and leave only empty space, or would they leave a zero degree sun?

R: 8
>older sister called me
>"anon, my computer is broken. Come over to fix it..."
>went over the next day (today)
>she's still at work
>got my own key to her apartment
>found a buttload of useless shareware, freeware and searchbars
>get rid of them, deleted system32...you know, the usual
>computer fixed - sis still not home
>"let's see what the browser history has to say"
>chin hitting the ground, breaking the floor in that process
>found a tons of wincest porn!
>hentai, video, stories...you name it!
>every bit I found was exclusively brother-sister wincest!
>came buckets
>went home
>made a new thread on vchin/random/

what nao?

R: 9
So, /b/. What do you think about aliens? I don't mean Ricardo from Puerto Rico. I mean extraterrestrials. Answer me this:

>Do you think they exist?
>Do you think they have visited Earth?
>Do you believe the videos you see on YouTube?
>Does NASA or the Government know something we don't?
>Do you think everyone who thinks the Government is hiding shit from us is a tin-foil hat wearer?
>Why do you think they do or do not exist?

Any more information/links to shit are of course welcome. And please, if you post something that's crazy proof or something else, please use a Proxy or twelve. If the thread 404's, there is something that was posted whether it was information or a video, some shit is getting real.

I advise you to take screenshots of this thread, if things become heated or increasingly "interesting".

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ever had sex with a barbie /b/

R: 3
weird/shameful sexual experience thread.

R: 7
Why do you guys enjoy ruining girls lives when they post nudes or when someone posts nudes of them?

Does it make you feel better because you could never get a woman? Or does it maybe get you off sexually? Please post your reasoning

inb4, whiteknight

miru because she's just so darn cute

R: 3
>tfw you will never be in a lesbian relationship with Ellen Page

R: 7
okay /b/, give me your best

R: 0

R: 0

R: 15
ITT: guys asking girls questions, girls answer
girls asking guys questions, guys answer,

continuing the thread from earlier

R: 2
You rage, you lose

R: 2
most glorious headphone thread.

post yours and why you love them/what could be improved

>ath ad500x from audiotechnica

pros: lightweight, good sound, comfy as hell
cons: hate the cable

R: 3
If you could press a button and remove one behaviour from human beings, what would that behaviour be?

R: 3
The only good anime series:
>Cowboy Bebop
>Sailor Moon
>Black Lagoon
>Fullmetal Brotherhood
>Sword of the Berzerk

The only good anime movies:
>Cowboy Bebop again
>Ghost in the Shell (possibly the best)
>Princess Mononoke
>(actually throw in all of Miyazki's shit)

Did I leave anything out?

R: 1
How's your life like right now, /b/?

>20 still live with parents
>not currently taking college classes
>have shitty paying job
>spend most of it on random shit
>have 7/10 gf
>don't know why anyone would date me.

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So, /b/, I need a new anime to watch.

I've just finished watching Guilty Crown, and that shit is seriously underrated. I'm surprised it's more more popular. I'm a newcomer to anime, and I really hate most of the anime community, so I'm asking you guys for decent suggestions.

I've seen Code Geass (best piece of media I've ever seen), Elfen Lied, Monster and Death Note.

>tl;dr what's a good anime?

R: 5
Name a better death metal album

>protip: you can't

R: 8
Not seen one in a while so stuff thread here, share your beloved items rare or mundane!

>Pic related.

R: 5
Is tor safe again?

R: 11
Ask a member of Femen anything...

R: 4
ITT: Unpopular options.

Ex: I think anime is shitty.

R: 9
Battlestation Thread.
Post em.

R: 8
ITT: picture's you'd have trouble explaining to anyone who saw it on your computer.

R: 3
My mom posted this on Facebook earlier today.

wat do, /b/?

R: 5
Upload and rate our gta cars! Here is mine

R: 6
Great to god tier animes. I need another one to watch.

R: 9
How was your monday, /b/?

R: 7
>Movies which made YOU feel.

Last 15 minutes were feel fucking central.

R: 5
ITT: things you never learned how to do and are embarrassed about
>never learned to tell time on an analog clock

R: 4

>ask for advice/help
>share stories
>answer questions

No judgement, we are in this thread to enlighten.

R: 8
ITT: Childhood Sex Stories, Incest Stories, and, due to resounding success of the anal thread last night, First Time Anal Stories.

R: 4
You receive $50,000 tomorrow. You have to spend it. What do you buy?

R: 3
>not stimulating prostate

Straight male here,

Ever want to know what it feels like to have the most intense orgasm you are capable of having as a guy? The feeling of having all your tension wash away? It's just as good as the female orgasm and not hard to accomplish. So why aren't you idiots enjoying the perks of anal play?

R: 2
gentlemen, how do we improve vchan?

R: 3
About to do acid for the first time 1 tab. They told me to do half of one because it's really strong but idgaf.

Any tips? Also, what the hell do I do with this little tab? Swallow it? Let it dissolve in my mouth?

R: 3
How's your life /b/ros?

>Never had a job
>Have my GED
>Just got my license 6 months ago
>Come from low income family
>No college whatsoever
>No jobs calling me back
>No skills or trades at all
>Never owned a car
>Still live with parents

>inb4 I'm a brain surgeon making 6 figures at the age of 21 and fuck bitches everyday while drinking golden tequila

R: 4
tl;dr: baw thread

Yesterday I had the worst first date experience with the girl of my dreams.
>Lunch at her place
>She lives with her milf-ish divorced mother and younger sister
>Mother and sister really liked me
>Everyone laughing their hearts out at my stories during lunch
>Mother and sister leave us
>Me and the girl go back to her room and cuddle while watching old anime and youtube crap
>She seems to be enjoying my company
>Time flies by
>Already dark outside
>I have to leave because I have work to finish
>When separating she hugs me so tight I can feel her heartbeat.
>While on the train going home I think how well it went
>Got home hour and a half later
>Message her like every other night before to talk
>She tells me she has a headache
>"After you left I got drunk and worked out til I can't walk anymore"
>"I hope you get better soon..."
>"tbh idgaf"
>Hasn't responded since

I feel like I ballsed something up big time, but I don't know what.
I'm feeling so bad right now. Can we have a baw thread ?

R: 7
OKC and POF stories and tips

R: 3
PC fag here.
I feel like buying a next gen console
so tell me /b/
Xbox One or PS4?

convince me. Also I dont give a fuck about exclusive games so dont bother throwing the halo card around.

R: 4
ITT: Ask a guy who just physically assaulted a prostitute anything.

R: 5
Sup /b/,
How are you today?

R: 2
Why be atheist when you can be agnostic?

R: 3
Scientists keep proving that we are incredibly incredibly small. We are tiny, in fact. Like, miniscule. Like, practically non-existent. The universe is at least 156 billion light-years wide. And we're like these tiny little specks on this tiny little world in this tiny little solar system in this tiny little galaxy. Do you realize that it would take more than a million earths to fill the sun? And the sun is tiny too!

But what about how big we are? There are like millions of little microbes living in us. We're like a universe in and of ourselves. And don't even get me started on atoms and quarks and the string theory and all that business. Do you realize how incredibly HUGE we are? It's insane. A million earths in the sun -- that ain't nothing. It takes a number that doesn't even have a word for it. According to this random website, there are 7x10^27 atoms in our body. That's 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, just to give you an idea of our enormity.

R: 2
Anyone in /b/ ever been to a glory hole before. Am meeting a guy there tomorrow for my first suck off. Am bringing flavored condoms, and he had no problems about it. Any rules I need to be aware of ?

R: 2
Hey /b/, I've recently started watching anime. I've already finished Steins Gate, Sword Art Online, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist. What else should I watch?
Pic unrelated

R: 2
ITT: how much of a foul bachelor are you?
Relationship status:
Time you went to bed:
Time you woke up:
Last time you cleaned your sheets:
Last time you showered:
Last time you brushed your teeth:
Last time you flossed:
Last thing you ate:
Last time you had sex:

R: 7
First gay experience story?
I'll go first.

>Be me 4 years ago
>Graduated 8th going into highschool
>Use to skate with a big group but especially with a friend i knew since 4th grade
>One day after finishing up a skate sesh my friend and i go back to my place
>We sit on my couch and watch whatevers on
>Friend goes to the restroom & i go change clothes 
>While im changing i get a random boner
>From the corner of my eye i see my friend (lets call him James) is watching me
>I dont say anything nor do i turn and face him, i dont think he knows i saw him
>Fast forward a week it's summer
>Parents go away and no ones home
>Telling James to stay over and we'll smoke & drink
>James passed out and being that i was drunk and high i got horny while watching a sex scene that came on in a movie
>Get my laptop and start watching some Jenna Haze vids
>Feel like its safe and i started fapping
>I felt like i wasnt the only one awake
>Couple minutes past by and out of nowhere i feel Jame's hand grab my dick and start jerking me off
>I turned to him and he asked if I wanted him to suck it
>I was speechless
>He went down and sucked anyway
>Felt so good
>He sucked until i busted all in his mouth
>He went to go spit it out and i just knocked out
>I woke up and he was gone
>We didnt talk or skate for a week
>I finally called him up and asked him if he thought what he did make me feel awkward
>Exactly what he thought, i said it didnt and invited him back
(This is where the fun begins)
>Now before all of this i was exploring some gay porn and it did turn me on a bit
>I knew i'd have fun with James tonight
>I put on a muscle shirt and basketball but no boxers

R: 18
Sub /b/.
Bored femanon here.
Tell me how fat I am plz. (:


R: 8
Hello, /b/. I am a "super genius"/researcher. I want to show you some of the work I've recently come up with, drafts and what not, and, I want your opinions on some of my work.

It's all calculated using Sacred Geometry, and some of what the Egyptians knew. So, know and understand that it's all legitimate and credible work.

Btw, religious fags, get in here.

Jesus/God is You, you dumbasses.

R: 3
>Never gone down on a girl
>Have fantasies of girl fucking my face
>Finally happens
>Hate every moment of it
Is pussy an 'acquired' taste or something i will never like if i didn't like it the first time?

R: 4
pick one, what would you do with her sexually. go.

R: 2
DeadchanWhy is vchan so dead? It could be the best chan

R: 3
>cute girl from work wants to chill outside of work
>always tell her I will, come up with a day never show up
>im way too nervous, shes too hot for me and I cant man up
>always make excuses 
>what can I do to get over this and chill?

R: 6
Girl on the right = Nice-ish face but small boobs

Girl on the left = Average face but big boobs

Just curious. Which one would you go for /b/??

R: 5
what fictional world would you live in, /b/?

R: 4
Alright fuckers time to listen to some real music


R: 6
Porn you'd most like to see?

I'd be interested in watching 2 12 year olds fucking.

R: 5
Because we desperately need more validation threads.

R: 4
ITT. we make assumptions about each others lives based on our favorite porn stars
Pic very related

R: 5
Breaking Bad > Walking Dead

Fuck You All

R: 3
You fucking hipster jew faggot nigger lovers. Where is this thread?:

Jeff Hanneman, a founding member of Slayer whose career was irrevocably changed after a spider bite, has died. He was 49.

R: 4
>in college
>this nigga comes to my class
>dressed like ash
>plays with pokeymon
>every day plays on his DS
>no one talks to him
>im a well known guy
>pretty mellow and boring day
>lets see what "Ash" is thinking about
>one day i walk up to him and say:
hey man whats your fav pokeymon?
>to only in his beautiful response, just gives me a look and says:
"thats charsHARD to think about"
as he lightly laughs
fucking genius
Id vote for Ash anyday
i have more story's of this amazing bastard, posted about him earlier

R: 8
ITT: Immoral sex encounters

>Travel in Laos (Asia, poor country as fuck)
>Partying with backpackers
>Local teens arrive, celebrating a girls 16th birthday
>I get drunk
>She get really really drunk
>Take her home to guest house
>Pull of her clothes
>She's almost passed out
>Can only master a low moan "no, no"
>Start fingering her
>She change her mutter to "condom, condom"
>Start fingering her ass
>Moans of displeasure
>Her "condom"-chant gets me HIV-paranoid
>Go down to buy condoms in Guest House shop - No girls at room policy.
>Owners knock on the door.
>Pull her shirt down, they help her out.
>I say "fuck it", and I take a fap instead while the poor and black-out drunk 16 year old girl goes home pantie-less to her strict family after getting fingered in pussy and asshole.

R: 3
Which one would you choose? Explain yourself.

R: 3
Ask a cop anything.

R: 5
What is having a little sister like?

R: 2
in august, i had an abortion and ever since, i've not been able to enjoy sex or masturbation. i get sore too quickly, to the point of tearing up and nearly crying. thus, i've not had an orgasm for over eight months, and it's becoming extremely frustrating.
so what the fuck do i do, /b/?

R: 5
You laugh you lose thread.
You have all lost.

R: 4
good evening /b/
Its time for
Ask a Psychopath Anything!!

a few answers to common questions before we start

No i have not killed anyone

Yes I have been diagnosed by a professional

Yes i am attention whoring, the narcissist in me loves it

Ask away

R: 5
Fucking rage thread. OC here.

R: 2
List the craziest/weirdest things you've done while masturbating.

R: 3
anyone that a tattoo is an idiot.
as people get older and their skin begins to wrinkle, stretch and fold....

Ideally, when a teenager considers having a tattoo, I recommend that they first visit the cheaper parts of town and look closely at the 50 year-olds and see how 'great' they look on these folk.

But, to be fair, a tattoo has its uses: it makes classification easy.

It also is amusing to think of all those hundreds of million having a tattoo to exhibit their individualism - just like every other fashion victim.

YOU are Vain, shortsighted, feckless, emotionally underdeveloped, gullible, chavish, lacking in vision, low tier conformist and very cheap

you mad? now dont thank me all at once for showing you the error of your ways.I forgive you.

R: 4
Hello /b/ how do you eat out a girl? I'm guaranteed a bj if I eat this chick out but I've never even fingered a girl before so I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

Pic related I guess

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