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OKC and POF stories and tips

>> No. 7288 [Report]

A few Christmases back I caught my girlfriend cheating on me with a guy she met on okcupid. Now I keep a profile and talk to chicks while she's in the other room.

>> No. 7289 [Report]

>Create profile
>Minimal success
>wait 1 year do nothing
>Hot and Intelligent Finnish girl messages me
>Now we are in love and shit is so cash.

>> No. 7290 [Report]

>Ive been browsing back and forth on both of those
>no luck on match.com plus fuck spending money
>meet new girl every couple months
>act like i want to settle down
>have sex
>break their little hearts when they want a relationship

>> No. 7291 [Report]
File 1383538437767.jpg


>> No. 7292 [Report]

i was thinking of online dating
pros, cons?

>> No. 7293 [Report]

>dont have to go out and buy bar whores drinks
>get their cell after a brief convo
>text them for a week or so
>hang out and see what happens
>make up some bullshit around your friends etc on where you met the girl
>may see people you went to high school with/ people you may know
Its free why not try it?

>> No. 7294 [Report]

how many people do you guys message?

I think i've messaged about 10-15 girls in the 2-3 months i've been on the site......

had 2 dates out of that....... and some other short conversations on the phone.....

for some reason i think a girl will message me but they never do.

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