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ITT: Childhood Sex Stories, Incest Stories, and, due to resounding success of the anal thread last night, First Time Anal Stories.

>> No. 7326 [Report]

I have a story.
First anything close to sexualness.

>be 5 yrs old
>hanging with father figure
>father figure takes me to his girlfriend's house
>girlfriend has daughter my age
>"hey anon, let's go play by the river" where no one can see us
>later, by the river
>"let's play like parents"
>she has me lie down
>she get's on top
>starts dry humping
>this goes on for a period of time, I don't know because I was 5 and not good at time estimation
>we have no idea what we're doing
>she acts like she does anyway
>she caresses my face
>moves hand to my neck
>softly stroking my neck
>begins chocking me
>this goes on
>eventually she stands up
>storms off
>ask what's wrong
>she turns back
>she's crying
>"no this isn't right, you're supposed to die!"
>mfw my first sexual experience
>mfw I have no face

>> No. 7327 [Report]

Never done anal seeing as I'm not a faggot, but my female cousin and I used to touch each other a lot when we were younger.

>> No. 7331 [Report]

go on.

>> No. 7332 [Report]

Not much too it, gonna be pretty short
>Be 6 when it started
>Cousin is 3
>Older friend shows me a porn VHS
>Take it home, watch it
>Show younger cousin
>Ask her if she wants to try the stuff in the movie
>She says OK
>She mostly just plays with my childish erection like she's shifting a manual car
>I try putting my finger in her
>Tells me to stop because it hurts
>Goes on for about a week
Fast forward to 13 years old, she's 10 at this time because of math and shit
>She stays over at my family's house
>Try and continue what we did years ago, 13 and hormones
>She's scared and doesn't want to (I think she does but she's just afraid, she's always all over me when I see her nowadays)
>Falls asleep in my room
>Have some fun while she's asleep, just touching her non-existent boobs

>> No. 7333 [Report]

>be 5 or so
>have female cousin
>a year or so younger than me
>we would always play together naked
>a year later
>one day when we were playing a game she wore a skirt without underwear
>have a boner
>pretend to be a doctor
>"I think you might have fanny cancer I need to have a closer look"
>she refused
>kept asking
>still said no
>stopped hanging out with her after that

I know she still remembers

>> No. 7334 [Report]
File 1383734700879.jpg

>be 15
>In bible camp
>Girl in wheelchair, who is actually fucking hot as fuck, is sitting in her chair next to the sports field
>I go up to her and ask if she's ok
>She says yeah, but obviously she's a bit bored to not being able to play
>I get a tennis ball and we throw it back and forth
>Later on she texts me from her lodge (girls and boys in separate areas) asking if I wanna meet at sunset
>Meet the chick, she's folded her chair and is sitting on a blanket so she doesn't seem broken
>2 hours later we're kissing, I tear her clothes off, undress and fuck her
>It's really hard to control her legs while I'm on my knees thrusting, as they are flopping about in my one free hand
>Camp leaders come close, I say "Fuck, run" and run away
>I later realize she was disabled and she was lying there naked when the bible leaders came around

>> No. 7335 [Report]

Next story. Probably not as good, but sharing.

>be in 1st grade, 7 years old
>single mom works all the time always
>have no where to go when not at school (after school/weekends)
>go to preschool/daycare thing nearby that's run by hippies
>help with younger kids
>like, once a week we have "water day"
>sprinklers/water guns/kiddie pools etc
>kids age 3-5 don't give a fuck so we all just change into swimsuits in the same room
>much nudity in one room
>cute girl and I become friends
>5 yrs old
>still not in kindergarten for who the fuck knows why
>first water day since we become friends happens
>everybody's stuff, including swimsuits, kept in cubbies along the wall
>crowded, only a few kids at a time can reach them
>these faggots just take like ten goddamn minutes changing right at their cubbies instead getting the fuck out of the way
>be waiting at the very back of the group to get my swimsuit
>new female friend (15 years ago, do not remember name) comes up to me
>just get's naked
>"I'm just saving time, now I don't have to get undressed when I get my swimsuit" or some such
>she suggests I do the same
>we spend like 5 minutes together just being naked
>this becomes a regular thing
>after like a month of being friends
>"we should get married"
>say okay
>we get married
>move into plastic house
>6 sq ft
>good neighborhood
>right by school
>only like $200,000
>she says we need to consummate our marriage (obv not in those words)
>"um, what"
>she is now naked from the waist down
>begs me to get naked
>I am so ready to do this
>outside time is over
>we go inside
>she's not there the next day
>never see her again

>> No. 7336 [Report]

When I was 14 I went to Ireland with my best friend and his mom and their two dogs for a month. I used to pretend to walk them early in the morning but the reality was I'd chain one of them up in the shed whilst I'd 'play around' with the other one. It started innocently enough, with me just letting her lap my dick, balls and ass until i came in her mouth or with me just playing with her pussy until she'd hump up and down on my finger and id bring her to orgasm. On about the 18th day of doing this, I decided to try fucking her. I eased into her gently, my dick too big for her but still managable and came within about 5 seconds, so I finished her off with my fingers and tongue. I could taste metal in my mouth and realised I was covered in her blood and she was bleeding like crazy out of her pussy. She tried running out of the door and I panicked because I didn't want to get busted by my friends mom. I picked up the pitch fork that was next to me and smashed her around the head. When I looked down at the floor and saw her still twitching and whimpering with blood coming out of her pussy I instant bonered again. I fucked her rotten with all of my weight in the most sadistic ways and came 3 times whilst she was alive and dead. I cleaned up and buried her in the woods. When I went back the house with the golden retirever his mom asked me where the other dog was I told her it ran away.

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