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No. 7339 [Report]

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>ask for advice/help
>share stories
>answer questions

No judgement, we are in this thread to enlighten.

>> No. 7340 [Report]

I havent had sex in 2 years.
Im also super depressed

>> No. 7341 [Report]

19 years old, virgin, like 3 lost chances because I'm a romantic pussy...

>> No. 7342 [Report]

Hey man, i've been there.  I've had longer dry spells.  I've had to ask myself, "Am I going after sex or a relationship."

It's not a complete solution, but, it got me down the path that I needed to go.

>> No. 7343 [Report]


I was that romantic pussy and didn't get laid until I was 25.  I don't regret it, but, maybe I could have been more assertive with girls earlier.  

Do you want to have sex with girls that you are in relationships with?  Or, do you just want sex?

Getting sex is easy if you turn off your conscious.  You won't care who they are and what happens after.

Getting sex in a relationship is ALWAYS hard and it will always be hard.

You are living the life that we all are living.

Good luck.

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