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No. 7488 [Report]

File 1385165112683.jpg

Ok,serious question, how can I make around 150k ? better if fast.. legal or of course illegal ways,what illegal way would be safest/best ?

>> No. 7489 [Report]

> go to store
> steal a candybar
> sell it to your friends at elementary at half price
> repeat
Tldr; underage B&

>> No. 7490 [Report]
File 1385165405051s.jpg


>> No. 7491 [Report]

ITT some newfag actually asking /b/ how to make money

Did you ever think that everyone on /b/ is so poor the only thing they do for fun is use free WiFi and post shit tier threads?

>> No. 7505 [Report]

is that what they call an oxymoron

>> No. 7635 [Report]

Blowjobs on the corner for a quarter a pop then find you a pimp to beat your ass when you don't perform up to snuff.

>> No. 7642 [Report]

Is there a street corner near you? Are there old men passing by who would like a little boy sucking their dicks?. Do you have a mouth?

>> No. 7666 [Report]

im guessing you're a guy, else you would be selling your body, or image.

one not so risky way is selling good quality well-preserved weed/skank and i dont even mean any special species ppl mention on those documentaries

any random weed will do, like a dozen in your house growed in vases will make you those 150k in a year, without disrupting you regular life

>> No. 7669 [Report]

Steal from houses in construction.
Pro tip, most job sites don't have the windows locked, or the lock box is off by one digit (if four digit combo box).
No one is around to see what happens after 6pm.

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