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No. 7566 [Report]

File 1396666556310.jpg

>level of education
>Are you happy?

Please get in here anons

>> No. 7567 [Report]

Management in Retail Marketing.
Barely made it out of high school.
Only $35k/yr =(

I do more work and higher quality than my peers. I should be making more. I could easily move to another company and make more, but it's easy to move up here. I work in our corporate office now which is cool and I get to work with some great people, but I've been stuck traveling a lot lately.

At the moment, I'm pretty unhappy. Just found out I won't be home for another week, getting sent somewhere else, and I'm supposed to close on a house next week. White people problems.

>> No. 7568 [Report]

I work for a general contractor on small resident jobs
>level of education
Currently attending college
>Are you happy?

>> No. 7588 [Report]

Fuck college it's all about who you know not what know, im a high school dropout and I order around bankrupt debt ridden nerds that seeked higher education for 6 years

>> No. 7641 [Report]

^It's 'sought'. They 'sought' higher education...it's clear you did not partake

>> No. 7668 [Report]

Just quit as a laborer in remodel construction
>level of education
Finishing High school 
Was $11/hr
>Are you happy?
No. The others of the company were paid more. I was doing all of the physical labor, and they were .... no one knows where they were during the day. They weren't on the job sites.

>> No. 7678 [Report]

Is this a dying site?

>> No. 7679 [Report]

I would say it's a small site that it's just starting.

>> No. 7772 [Report]

> 26
>explosives assembly
>post secondary

>> No. 7773 [Report]
File tais_keyclub3_05s.jpg

>Age 56
>Career Self Employed Photographer
>level of education High School
>Salary $75,000
>Are you happy? YES

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