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No. 7577 [Report]

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Anybody who's ever tried heroin, whats it like (preferably in comparison to weed)

>> No. 7578 [Report]

Feels like you're sucking your own dick.

>> No. 7579 [Report]

No comparison, it's a different world entirely. I've only smoked black tar. Never injected. Best to stay away from heroin. It's too good. Definitely makes you want more.

>> No. 7580 [Report]

Was on like 12 different pills growing up and heroin was what ruined my life. Im 2 yrs clean now... whats i like compared to weed? Well if weed made you cum in your pants and make all your problems dissolve and you woke up the next morning and consider mabe suckin off an old gay friend for an oxy he gets from his back problems cause you rannoutta monry and heroin. Its exactly lime weed than.

>> No. 7632 [Report]

Do you know how you get real stupid when you do weed? It is alot like that except you are really stupid to do heroin.

>> No. 7648 [Report]

Its nuts bra ive od'd like 15 times. imo heroin sucks iv at least, dilaudid & methamphetamine mix, now that is fucking pleasure........ wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better then a hit of some good ron...

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