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No. 7653 [Report]

File 1423761497563.png

Let's mourn together b/ro

Also lonely valentine's day thread

Let's help each other to pass this sad day and keep us from killing those lovely couples out there!

>> No. 7654 [Report]

>keep us from killing those lovely couples out there
why would we want to stop that?

>> No. 7655 [Report]

Guys, just do what I always do, book lots of tables in lots of restaurants, then jack of thinking about how you pissed off couples that can't get reservations

> try getting a reservation at Dorsia now you fuck

>> No. 7656 [Report]
File 1423763680741.jpg

It's just another Hallmark Holiday.

Major news outlets announced this AM,"The average person spends $142 on Valentine's day, up from $134 last year."

They then go to commercial. Ads: Kay JEWelers, FTD flowers, and some stuffed bear shit. "Spend, or you won't get laid. Buy or you'll be sleeping on the couch."

Don't buy it, anon. They're trying to guilt you into spending a ton of money you don't have. Just like all the other fake holidays. It's a plot. Resist you must.

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