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File 1359728168567.jpg

Transgirl here I was wondering how many of you /b/ros would seriously date a Tgirl (trap) rather than just casually have sex
>or not at all.

just depressed and lonely recently and feel like nobody could ever love me and I feel like people only want to have sex with me as a fetish or would be ashamed to be with me or have their friends know I am Trans.

>pic not me
>inb4 dur hur thats not you.

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Of course. Ever since I discovered trap/tgirl/futa fetishes it has been a life goal of mine to find and meet a true tgirl. Not just for sex with her, but actually be with her. Show her off to my friends, go on dates, the whole nine yards. So no, don't get yourself down and feel depressed and undatable. One day a guy like me will come along and make you his :)

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I would prefer to date rather than just have casual sex. I find tgirls to be more attractive than cisgen girls kind of like how some people are super attracted to blue eyes or certain hair colors.

I would openly date you if we lived in an area where that would be safe for you, but in my state I question if that would be the case.

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what state?

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File 1419084405367.jpg

Do you know about the PartialAutist trap?


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Sure, have this one! <3

Sorry, I may work my way back to natural long hair but I'm never going back to a wig and I really love the shorter hair right now!

I am, I've just passed two months on a relatively low dosage.

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Answer tumblr asks >:O

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I really like the way you look with short hair.

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File 1415381761521.jpg

Hey /trap/

If I stop taking hrt for a while will I be able to impregnate someone again? I'm just wondering about the future.

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File 1415468224891.jpg

My understanding is no, it's gone for good.

I have heard longer time periods, like 6 months to a year, but there are probably cases where it was gone for good after a month. If you think that you want your own biological children, then you can look into having your sperm frozen. Last I checked, it was like $700 for the first year and half that for every subsequent year. It's not that expensive, but traps are generally not loaded with cash either.

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Yeahhh I don't know if I can comfortably afford that… I wonder how long until they can make sperm/eggs out of normal cells?

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>you will never lose your virginity to a qtpitrap and get her pregnatn

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File 1414368217259.jpg

so, imagine your are on a date whit a trap, where would you take her and what would you like to do during the date? and finally how would you end the date?

impress me anons

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I stumble in too a pool of autism and we play video games and cuddle. Or go too the museum of flight. No one hates the museum of flight.

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>tfw I live in WA and have been there a thousand times

Small world

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lets go together anon~

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File 1416852993713.jpg

Hey /trap/,

I just started self medding with a half dose of 100 mg spiro 2mg estradiol both orally. I've been taking them once per day. Now I've heard that it's a good idea to take them split up into halves every 12 hours. However, how much does it really matter? I'm thinking about ramping things up to 200/4 soon and it might be more convenient if I could just take them after waking up. Anyone know? Thanks.

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Thanks for the advice. I wasn't planning to go above 200 mg of spiro. But do you take it once per day or divide up into two halves?

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please dont compare information found in the internet to years of studies made in a unniversity.

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i take all my pills in one go
the same hour, every day.

i donbt know if spliting them will make any difference

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File 1412028922549.jpg

Any traps here? Would you ever let your boypussy get ravaged by an anon's dick?

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look i don't have that kind of time you want your prostate pulverized or not?

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>tfw no cute trap anywhere near

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To be honest, I have an inescapable rape fetish.

I'd like to know who's doing it, but if I have to give consent, it's just boring. And no one wants to play that kind of dangerous game.

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File 1411148808475.png

Let's talk about being a trap! Whether you crossdress for fun or want to live as a girl full-time, bring any questions here. Clothes, makeup, voice, hormones, boys, girls, any topic of interest to trappy people is welcome.

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Thanks! I was expecting zilch from this stuff as it gets a lot of flak and whatnot for not working, surprised me a lot when i started to get sore for sure! Surprised me once again when they started to leak haha

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File 1417505617352.jpg

>tfw on hrt for like 5 years and never leaking once

>> No. 1021 [Report]

I dunno why I am! Maybe it's bad an I'm actually dying. Either way I'm stopping them as of yesterday as I have a physical for HRT coming up on Thursday!

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File 1413620494018.jpg

Straight from the chan /d/ archive.

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I've never understood how to play this thread games but I have always wanted to try them.
Can someone explain to me how it works?

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File 1413674864079.png

here's an expanded one

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File 1411660747581.jpg

Shit, does anyone here know FrankWolf? (He anheroed awhile ago) I just found a fap video of him. Not sure if this is old news or not, but I've never seen it mentioned.


Pic related is FrankWolf, pretty famous picture

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Hang in there sweet anon, don't you think you can still do it? I feel really similar to you. Why not try it as soon as you can?

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He didn't kill himself. He faked it because online death threats I saw facebook pic had him say I'm still alive somewhere.

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No… It's definitely too late with just hormones. I have the body of a man with the exception of my nipples and my feminine lips and eyes. If I was still growing, maybe, but I'm not growing anymore.

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File 1421816394619.png

I really wanna trap it up, but I'm not exactly in the best shape. I'm 19, 6ft tall, and weigh about 200lb. Pic related, does this work?

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File 1421820310675.jpg

This only works if you're already in decent shape and/or are slim. All it does it soften your features and get you a slightly more feminine physique of what you already have. You shouldn't expect much, if any, weight loss if you follow it.

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File 1421842989902.png

That particular infographic is not the best.

Try this one instead.

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