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Post all your filesharing links here.

Due to the death of many filesharing services. Either due to cowardice or shady business.
A new filesharing thread is in order.

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Tell me all your true shota momments everyobdy!

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My god i really missed this. When this thread was on 7chan it was actually pretty active, but they took it down for some reason. Well, I hope it'll become active on here!

Someone share some juicy stories!

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Alright, it seems some people actually want to hear this story. This is my first time attempting anything of this sort so please understand! 

So I had gone over to my friend Jakob's house to see the fight. I've been going to Jake's for a long time and I've seen the interior of his house change over the years. Mostly the den immediately outside his room. What was once a fairly large room, big enough for a his father to store ungodly amounts of football equipment in boxes (he was the head of a local youth football league and ordered the game balls, unifiorms, and other things as before the season started) is now in the process of becoming a 2 bedroom home to Jake's uncle and aunt and their 3 kids. It's a little hard to explain, but 3 walls had been installed to create 3 rooms. It's a bit confusing so I've included a picture. The symbols will be explained below. Jake's uncle was hawaiian and boy did it prove for some cute kids. Kenny, the youngest at 6 or 7 (I really can't remember right now hahaha), is the focus of our story here, but his oldest brother Kyle is pretty cute too, a budding 13 year old who can't stop lunging his hips when he gets excited. Extremely annoying, but kind of easy on the eyes. Anyway...

               Jake and I entered the den from his room, represented on the map by the dark brown mark on the far right side. We took our seats next to the couch, shown as a long brown oval. Due to spacing constraints (the room feels a lot more cramped than it looks) Jake and I sat in 2 folding chairs, represented by blue and black stars respectively. This gave me a perfect view into the kids' "bedroom", with their beds shown as pink and purple circles. Jake would eventually change spots later on, shown by the same color blue star, but with 6 points. Seated next to us were Jake's cousin Annie (pink star), Kyle (orange), and Jake's aunt Stephanie (red). Jake's uncle Leon sat near the table stuffing his face with beer and pizza. 

          The kids were up for most of the night up until the actual fight. They ran around incessantly during the pay per view's lead up p
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Even if there wasn't any juicy parts to this story it's still nice to hear about perv times.

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File 2boys anus bed blue_eyes blush boy brown_eyes brow.jpg

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File 2boys ass bed blue_hair blush bottomless boy cry c.jpg

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File 2boys ass blue_hair penis shota yaoi 891.png

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I'm looking for some doujins by Yoshitakashi Athletic (Yasaka), there are only a few I can find. There was a spanish site that had some download links for some more of his works but all the links are dead. Does anyone here know where I can find more Yoshitakashi Athletic doujins? Many thanks in advance. I'll post some of the doujins I'm looking for.

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Available at digiket
but have to pay to download

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File 139253301922.jpg

Yeah, that's where I found these pictures.

It's weird how hard it is to find this guy's work, only comic of his you can find easily is Toaru Suieibu no Nichi.

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Bump more games!

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yeah not workign for me either. have japanese locale that RGSS202J.dll and the rpgmaker VX RTP

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I had the Audio/BGM 2003... problem with a version I got from bitshare or something. So I downloaded the trial version and copied the audio folder frome there pasted in the one from bitshare. The game is working now and I can acess the areas restricted by the trial.

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File 135673231982.jpg

From some time ago I remember a game about a boy who moved to another town, another school and who made new friends. The game was Japanese, but there was an English version too. The title was (tranlated) something like "The (last) days of (elementary) school". And last time I found it it was unfinished.
Can anyone help me to find it again?
If I'm not mistaken the included pic contain some of the main chars.
Thank you

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File 135711111568s.jpg


Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, don't stop thinking about tomorrow!

Still wanna know what's with the TrendMicro branding!

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So anyone know the link to download the beta/demo?

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Fuck you all.


There's a glitch though, I can't get passed may 19th

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TLOZ, mostly Link. We had a thread before but it died

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