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Post all your filesharing links here.

Due to the death of many filesharing services. Either due to cowardice or shady business.
A new filesharing thread is in order.

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File In_the_Womb_01.jpg

Karma Tatsurou 22 Shotacon Works in English

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File shota.png

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File 71af08f66db269e8a2b311cb11bc64fe.jpg

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Bump more games!

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yeah not workign for me either. have japanese locale that RGSS202J.dll and the rpgmaker VX RTP

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I had the Audio/BGM 2003... problem with a version I got from bitshare or something. So I downloaded the trial version and copied the audio folder frome there pasted in the one from bitshare. The game is working now and I can acess the areas restricted by the trial.

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File 132775003692.jpg

Tell me all your true shota momments everyobdy!

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cant wait. ;)

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Seems no one else wants to share so...

When I was twelve, I lived on an Army base on the East Coast. Friends came and went constantly, but it seemed we were staying put. My Dad was close to retirement anyway.
Made friends with a new kid, I'll call him Paul. He had TONS of porno mags from overseas that he had stolen from his Dad. We made a fort in the woods and went there every afternoon to look at the naked women and, yes little girls. One afternoon, I noticed his boner. I had one too. We were both rubbing them through our jeans. I don't know what made me do it, but I asked him to show his to me, it looked bigger than mine. He blushed, but went ahead and pulled down his pants. It was glorious. Thicker than mine and longer. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Leaning closer, I inspected it up and down. He asked what I was doing and I said I didn't know. "Can I touch it?" came out of my mouth. He turned beet red, but said Okay. I ran my fingers along it's length and rubbed the head between my fingers. He trembled a little. My gut felt queasy, but I didn't want to stop. Wrapping my hand around it, I started stroking it, like I did my own at night. He gasped, but didn't make me stop. Remembering a picture from one of the magazines, I leaned even closer. His eyes went wide. Shaking with adrenaline and a strange desire, I put my mouth on it and kissed the head. Paul moaned and trembled harder. Opening my mouth, I looked up at him and watched his face as I licked the head. He stared with wide eyes. Finally, I did what I saw the woman in the mag do and closed my mouth around it. I knew nothing about how to suck it, but I knew it felt both odd and wonderful at the same time. When I licked on the head and sucked a little, he moaned again and started moving his hips, pumping instinctively in and out of my mouth. I let him do so, still licking and sucking on it. We did it for what felt like hours, but was probably only a few minutes. "Oh, shit," he said. He tried to pull away but I had ahold of his butt cheek and wouldn't let go. He said Stop, but I was too far gone, I held tight and sucked harder. I had already had my first orgasm and knew what was
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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more please

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File 135673231982.jpg

From some time ago I remember a game about a boy who moved to another town, another school and who made new friends. The game was Japanese, but there was an English version too. The title was (tranlated) something like "The (last) days of (elementary) school". And last time I found it it was unfinished.
Can anyone help me to find it again?
If I'm not mistaken the included pic contain some of the main chars.
Thank you

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File 135711111568s.jpg


Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, don't stop thinking about tomorrow!

Still wanna know what's with the TrendMicro branding!

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So anyone know the link to download the beta/demo?

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Fuck you all.


There's a glitch though, I can't get passed may 19th

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File 135158932763.jpg

TLOZ, mostly Link. We had a thread before but it died

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File 139342268293.jpg

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File 139342268387.png

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File 139466726081.jpg

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File 139054280455.png

Post all nudity (underwear, actual nudity, etc.) in anime. 

Include anime title and episode number.

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Please, What episode is this???

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The first episode, but that's the only shota that happens in the whole series. Those gifs exist so that you don't have to look it up.

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File 139718437596.png

Inukami 01

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File 139637424281.jpg

Yo, there used to be a drawfag on /tg/ that did ss and general s with a fantasy take, dude posted under the name "awfulgood". Does anyone have a complete pack of his work? A little of it can be found on r34 and his HF and FA accounts, but it's by no means the full extent of his work. He also posted a legendary s story on /tg/ that got purged from /tg/'s primary archive, anyone have that as well?

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File 13963742961.jpg


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File 139637429792.jpg


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File 135667623186.jpg

Boy love. Sex is optional.

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File 139692140690.png

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File 139709561513.jpg

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File 139712499878.png

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